CryptoCurrency : What does history teaches us !


After the extremely profitable 2017, we were at the beginning of 2018, witnessing a sharp fall in prices.

The values of the largest cryptocurrencies dropped by 70% or more in less than three months.

Many predicted the end of the story for crypto. 

Recent bearish trend represent the third largest decline in Bitcoin and at the same time the tenth bear market (a drop over 20%) over the past six years.

This is the normal market dynamics for crypto and for long-term investors, such fluctuations do not represent anything new.

Even in the crypto world the rule applies: the higher potential for returns, higher the risks.

How long the market will need to cover losses and reach new peaks? Well, nobody knows. What can we learn from the history? After each decline, a new era of growth follows, and this time nothing is different. In the coming years, the cryptocurrencies will become an established and regulated investment class. Large institutional investors will also be gradually coming to the market, which will further contribute to the successful development of this market.

Before investing in cryptocurrencies, you need to be properly educated! Small mistakes can cost you a lot. With knowledge you will be able to avoid those mistakes and also, you will be able to avoid various scams that are often in this world.

Take care of the safe storage of crypto. YOU are responsible for security. Do not store coins in exchanges. 

Always invest in things you understand.

Only invest an amount that you can afford to lose.


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