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GREAT NEWS FOR ALL PARTICANTS in the AppTrade Initial Token Offering (ITO). We have added a BONUS, allowing you to receive even more tokens in your wallet.

Every time someone in your network orders and pays using a unique link we will generate and email to you, a 3% BONUS on every paid order will be dropped into your account.

FURTHERMORE, everyone you refer will receive a 2% BONUS, just for using your link!

At each Stage during the ITO, there is a GOAL, and participants within these Stages get special BONUSES.

A temporary token, the APPX.WARRANT, will be sent to every participant on the first day of Stage 3, when the ITO has reached its minimum goal of $1Million USD.

All Master token APPX coins will be tradeable exactly one year from the launch of the Apptrade platform, upon when participants can convert temporary tokens to the official Master tokens.


We're all familiar with Sherlock Holmes as investigator, dusting off some object for fingerprints. Fingerprints are unique to every person and an expression of our individuality.

As early as the year 650 the Chinese historian Kia Kung-Yen had already remarked that fingerprints could be used as a means of authentication. In the nineteenth century, it was rediscovered that they could be used to uniquely identify any person on this planet, and therefore this data was included in many identification documents, from the start of the twentieth century.

For the Internet of Coins project, we have also been developing innovative ways of securely establishing the identity of an account owner, inspired by the time-honoured practice of the fingerprint. Instead of a literal fingerprint, we use a digital encryption key unique to every user's account, that is used to 'sign' any transaction datagrams, so that both their origin as well as the authenticity of their original content can be verified by the receiver at all times.

In this way, users of the Internet of Coins have a way of knowing that transactions cannot be forged or modified by third parties. The contents of private contracts are also fully encrypted and untraceable on the network by any but those parties involved in the transaction. To everyone who is not given the secret keys to the transaction, the information in the contract is simply indistinguishable from random noise and this guarantees the confidentiality and immutability of the contracts on the Internet of Coins infrastructure.

For ordinary users, this means you can be sure every contract that you offer, in payment for your service or product, will be treated confidentially. This means there is an encrypted channel containing multiple encrypted tunnels between you and your seller, and every step of the transaction is mapped on the way. If the seller unexpectedly breaks out of the contract process, it will cost him credibility and he will not be considered for transaction handling any longer, as his reputation and earnings are on the line.

This process is automatic. All our regular transactions will be fingerprinted also, in such a way that anonymized generic comparisons are possible. This way that the system "knows" what a regular transaction looks like. If any transaction is irregular, the Internet of Coins will pick up on it and ask for extra verification. That way, you as user can decide for yourself what transaction limits you set for your stored value. Simple built in checks and services will help you to prevent overspending and it increases your security.

Using such methods, the Internet of Coins is designed to promote both a safe as well as decentralized architecture, with a focus to unify blockchains in a way that has not before been conceived, which is the basic mantra of the cryptosphere. This means the Internet of Coins is like a glue between various blockchain technologies, in how you administrate your energy, how you pay your bills, and how you participate in community decision making. That way the environment should offer people worldwide the tools to drive their organisations in a way that empowers their communities.



From MAY 1, 2017 the FUNC is going to become FUN-CASINOs Primary Currency.

Currently, FUN-CASINO operates on both Bitcoins and FUNCs – the official token of FUN-CASINO (FUNCs). FUNC tokens are based on Bitshares and issued on the OpenLedger fintech platform.

The FUNC can be deposited and played. Moreover, anyone who holds FUNC tokens will receive a slice of Fun-Casino’s income. The only thing you need to do is buy the amount of tokens you desire, and wait for the monthly Profit Distribution.

Withdrawals in FUNCs will be available via request from the casino administrator and will be sent to your OpenLedger account immediately.

Furthermore, any winnings you make in FUNCs can be paid out and withdrawn, without limits. If you win 1 Million FUNCs, you will receive them to your OpenLedger wallet instantly!

The Profit Distribution will be paid from the FUN-CASINO monthly revenue in FUNCs, and as before, 30% will be distributed amongst all FUNC holders within the casino and sent to their OpenLedger accounts.

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DinoMess GeoGame BETA Launch on International Dinosaur Day, May 15 2017
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What recommendations do you (or anyone) have for determining which ICO projects have promise and which ones are a waste? With so many ICOs, we'll see more and more failed projects. By what metrics should someone make a decision?

I think in the end it is looking at the ones where you have a security for your funds all the way until launch, I mean any project where you have a well arranged escrow arrangement established as well as exit options is always the best, but I think until now we are the only ones at OpenLedger actually offering exit options as well as escrow with multisig set up to allow release acording to roadmap and on top we follow project all the way to launch. So many arrangements are handing over funds once ICO is over and rely on project alone to deliver. It makes too many weak points and higher risk of failure.

I should say that above example is meant for ICO's or ITO's run on top of OpenLedger and it's BItShares and Graphene tech, where we are able to control the entire process from early bird offerings untill project is finally in goal and both project leaders as well as ITO participants receive what they expect. A happy end is really what we aim to do with all ITO's presented on OpenLedger and although we may not have been able to offer same as we do now in 2016, we feel confident now to say that we are your best friend whether you are investor or startup, as we look out for the interest of both parties, it is the only way to succeed and can only be done if we are there from start to finish. A complete package, it is what we call the OpenLedger Gateway to crowdfunding 3.0

I had to read that twice and slowly to full grasp what you're saying (maybe that's the martini's fault). Are you saying these ICO's are done in such a way that you get a full refund if the targets are hit? What do you mean by "exit options" and "escrow with multisig"?

The challenge with so much of this stuff is that the more complex it gets, the more others have to learn. And yet, we all use complex devices every day, once we get familiar wth them. For those who are way down the road, explaining the basics can get tedious. For those just starting out, every new concept is a paradigm shift.

Thanks for walking me through it all. :)

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