3 Reasons Aitheon is DIFFERENT

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Aitheon’s game changers:

  1. Job Creation: First platform to enable AI, robots & humans to work together

  2. Reduction of Organization Costs: Aitheon automates business logistics for small-to-medium business by using AI & robotics

  3. Stimulating New Industry: Aitheon’s platform empowers synergy btwn companies to partner, leveraging the technology and creating new business

Job Creation: Combating the prominent concern that robots take jobs, Aitheon’s platform introduces a symbiosis between humans and robots that are essential to Aitheon’s ecosystem success. Aitheon hires miners (real humans) to help robots when they are stuck with a process, thus creating a new job market. Here’s how this works: Video. Miners are employed all over the world and can work remotely.

Reduction of Organization Costs: AI and robotics can execute 90-99% of many business processes in industries such as HR, finance and accounting, procurement, facilities, legal IT, etc.
• EX: Recruiting. Machines, robotics and AI can complete 90% of the steps to prequalify a candidate cutting down on many hours of paper pushing, approving sample work and reviewing letters of recommendation. A qualified pool of final candidates is delivered, ready for humans to step in, interact and determine personality fit.

Stimulating Industry: Aitheon’s technology is plugging into other business that can be teamed up and operate in harmony with one another to provide turnkey services to consumers
EX: CarSmartt Partnership, article here.

Launching in Vegas this summer, Aitheon’s technology is empowering a fleet of driverless cars from CarSmartt to deliver packages. Think Driverless Uber Eats. And you thought Amazon prime was fast.

Here is a link to Aitheons Pre Ico. Tokens can be purchased for 17.5 cents at a 50% dicount until 1/31. The price will be set at $.35 thereafter.

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indeed i do agree with you , AI is empowering rather than destroying there are so many people hating rather embarrassing new trends i think no one knows what the future holds it maybe more jobs , and a utopia we we have never dreamt of.

I believe a great goal for us to work toward is a currency less global population heavily dependent upon AI and machines running the main parts of human life food production energy etc and the only positions needed for us would be to maintain those machines as a whole.

Thats the point that everyone misses


Fast delivery would be nice
—mabye no membership fee?????

Cough cough prime

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But yeah my top coins are

does not make any sense unless you can show people why is such a list and sequence...there are more than one thousand shit coins out there...I hope you are not a 3 years old just looking at social media and make investment decisions...

Couldn't find it's source code at github... anyone has the link?

hoping to see more such post

Very cool! I'll have to check it out more!~

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