How cryptocurrency have made me richer

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The first time I heard the word, bitcoin was in “Blind Spot” about 2 years ago. I read a few things about it, didn’t understand and stopped worrying about it.

November last year, a friend talked to me about the exponential growth of bitcoin. He said the price of bitcoin was about $800 dollars in January but now it’s close to $12,000. He talked about investing in bitcoin but unfortunately, he was broke and so was I. He was earning a few Satoshi by clicking ads but I didn’t because I saw it as a waste of time. I believe the earning does not even justify the electricity and internet expense and it takes hours to earn just thousands of Satoshi.


Immediately after meeting him, I started reading about bitcoin and cryptocurrency and I watched lots of videos on Youtube. I am a very inquisitive guy and a tech enthusiast. I wanted to invest but I didn’t have money.

I instantly fell in love with cryptocurrency because it is innovative, it is decentralized and it doesn’t care about my nationality or race. These made me study cryptocurrency then blockchain as much as possible, even though most times I don't understand what I read.

In January, when the price was declining, I bought my first bitcoin. I was tired of reading without practice, I was eager to get in and once I had about $10, I put it all in. I tried day trading but I suck at it, so I gave up before long.

In February, I bought additional $5 worth of bitcoin and used my bitcoin to buy a domain name. It took hours to confirm my first transaction (transferring my bitcoin from exchange to my mobile wallet) and I was very worried because I thought I've made a mistake and my money was gone.

Right now, I have less than a dollar in my wallet and bank account but I have 0.001929 bitcoin. To most people, bitcoin hasn't made me richer because my net worth didn't increase, I'm as broke as before. But, to me, it did.

I know much more about the monetary system than most people will ever know. I know what money is and how we've come to value paper over valuables. I've discovered that the commercial banks and not the central banks produce over 95% of the money in the world.

Bitcoin price index   Real time Bitcoin price charts.png

I've learned how to read candle graph. I've learned investment terms and crypto jargon. I now know the Elliot wave analysis and other analysis.

I now have a little knowledge about blockchain, smart contracts, psychology, politics, economics and investment. I know things majority don't know. I've learned that a young guy like me can make a very big difference. I am more knowledgeable than I was, I am more valuable than I was and I am richer than I was.

Who popularized 2FA and taught you to value your privacy before Facebook started leaking it? Who taught you that the only person you can trust to control your life is yourself? When was the last time you had an unquenchable craving for knowledge and stood this tall for a cause?


Crypto has promote decentralization, privacy, freedom, innovation, security, universality but, most of all she gives knowledge. Crypto is a filthy teacher who will undoubtedly teach you to be wiser and self-determined.

Think back to when you first discovered crypto and compare the YOU before then and the present YOU. I’m sure they are quite different. Comment how crypto has made you richer non-arithmetically, not all riches can be measured in zero.

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