How does mining create value? Make money out of thin air? BBT Straight talk

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BBT Carter trying to bring a straight talk series to the community just answering some of the basic questions in a conversation format. Simple, straight to the point. In this episode I cover the ECP (equipment, configuration and power), the major components of a mining rig. Most people just look into the hardware, but understanding the configuration (OS/Miner/Wallet/Pool) and the total Power Requirements and cost are vital to a solid mining experience. Additionally understanding what drives value to the currencies helps people understand why some folks would partake in the activity.

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Thanks for the video. I hope you also make a video that tells us how to make mining more profitable in the future.

Said this also in your youtube channel but here I have a slight chance I also get an upvote and a few cents


hey BBT-Team

I watched you since december 13' - one quick question: " Which mining software are you using for the Neoscryp Algorithm on NVIDIA Cards?"