CES2018 Coverage by BBT - What do YOU want to see and US to ask about for YOU?

Thats right, the BBT Team (https://www.bitsbetrippin.io) is headed over to CES2018 (https://www.ces.tech/) to cover multiple key blockchain and cryptocurrency influencing aspects. One of the most critical parts BBT plans to cover is GPU innovation and looking to see what both AMD and nVidia have in store from a technology perspective that mining can look to expect. The big name brand vendor releases of the popular RX Vega 56 and 64 are for starters along with expectations of Volta for nVidia. We expect to see other vendors such as ASROCK, Biostar and a handful of others there during our coverage and will be asking the hard questions related to supply and timelines.

In addition, we plan to provide livestream and episode coverage of all of the content while we are out there we will be covering all industry aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrency we can find as the tokenization and potential ICOs across many facets technology have just begun. The eSports section of CES should provide an interesting look at future technology being looked at leveraging ledger based solutions to the ecosystem of gaming which in theory would allow value exchange between games. While there still remains to be KYC requirements and anti-money laundry concerns with the tokenization of assets and virtual currencies, the technology advantage of blockchain solutions continue to press forward.

Our basic outline of coverage will be the following:

  • GPU Technology overview for 2018
  • nVidia Volta
  • AMD RX Vega
  • Mining Technology overview
  • Motherboards
  • Risers
  • Power Supplies

*Mobile Solutions

  • Impact Cell phone mining, like ETN will play into the market in 2018
  • Mesh Blockchain Networking through Cell Networks

*Storage Solutions

  • Is the industry looking to get engaged in IPFS
  • Are they spatially aware of IPFS

*Network Solutions

  • BaaS Blockchain As A Service, IoT innovations through Blockchain/Trusted Smart Contracts
  • Optimization of stratum traffic, network profiles for specific mining, BotNet detection

*Security Services

  • Privacy and Security Network/Companies and their understanding of Monero and ZCash
  • Find any declared attachment to these currencies, any technologies being built on the functionality

These are just SOME of the items we intended to cover ; notionally our goal is take a very blockchain/crypto centric view on the industry at an event like CES2018 and see mechanically if the crypto tech has fed its way into this space, from a commercial (marketing) and engineering aspect. Please post other questions you would like to see asked at this event. We will be reviewing our submissions on here and on our DISCORD channel (Suggestions) located on bitsbetrippin.io.

Thanks again and stay tuned for the coverage this next week. Please like, subscribe, share and resteem to get exposure to this critical juncture in cryptocurrency and blockchain coverage at #CES2018!

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