BBT MultiMiner 5.7 Official Release - 29 Cryptocurrencies - over 12 pools and 27 different miners!


BBT MultiMiner is the official BitsBeTrippin MultiMiner Tool, produced by BBT Carter

Supported by donations and great viewers of

  • 27 Individual Miner Builds included (AMD & nVidia)
  • 29 Different Mineable Cryptocurrencies

Change Log

  • Updated Claymore Ethereum Dual Miner to 10.2
  • Removed -di entry on ETN RX option, left in from testing in previous option
  • Removed STAK-XMR Miner CPU & GPU as it was tossing false positive on antivirus
  • Added CAST XMR Miner - updated XMR, ETN, SUMO, KRB options for Vega Cards
  • Removed pool as many reported unstability
  • Added for electroneum, sumokoin, karbowanec
  • Aligned all of the menu item titles (yes, OCD folks will be happy)
  • Added Coin Tickers to each Menu Title
  • Corrected ZENCash title, previously named ZENCoin in our MultiMiner
  • Added HODLPool ZEC Only Category (MSG Us for your own Pool Category)
  • Swapped HUSH Pools from to HODLPool (send us msg if you want suprnova back)

Coins added

  • Added Ellaism
  • Added Sumokoin
  • Added Karbowanec
  • Added Monacoin

Pools added

  • Additional HODLPool options for ZEC, HUSH, ZEN, KMD
  • Added
  • Added cryptobitpool
  • Added ellaismpool

Official Github

Guide on download and Usage

Official Download
Click the "Clone or Download" green button to the right on the github page


Open bbtmultiminer-master folder

Download a XML/HTML lightweight editor like notepad ++
Install, take defaults

This allows you to edit the bbt-multiminer 5.7.bat file (right click, edit with notepad ++)

Once .bat file open, paste in YOUR wallet address over the existing wallets that you are going to mine against. What this means in english, if you want to mine ethereum, then get yourself an ethereum wallet, get the public address (your ethereum address) and paste in the spot highlighted.

Navigate down a little further and replace the following, IF you are using, miningpoolhub pools

Make sure after your done, hit the save button at the top

Then just doubleclick the bat file

You can use your mouse scroller to move up the list, like this showing the top of the file

just choose the number you want, such as 3 for Ethereum on, then hit enter. The miner will engage.

Happy Hashing!

Visit us on the website or on our youtube channel! BBT has one of the largest active discord mining channels on the web. Discord accessible from our website!

Please SHARE, comment and let us know what you think!

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Thanks Carter much appreciated, resteemed.

Thanks for an awesome miner program ! Been using the Multi-Miner for a few months now and it just keeps getting better ! :)

Thanks BBT! I installed to give ETN another shot, and 10.2 is not working but 9.7 worked and I'm hashing away again ... :)

Thanks BBT, this is gold!

No Ravencoin miner? That is all you have been talking about for a couple months now.


I think i clicked the link from your website that brought me to this old post and i didnt notice it was 4 months old. Steemit was having problems this morning and i had clicked on the new post right before it went down briefly then i went to your website and got mixed up. my mistake, sorry.

You might want to check the BTG's stating it is not going to support BTG anymore.

I already tried it but i am not able to mine good amount of XMR using Multi Miner can you suggest me a good miner for XMR.

Carter, Carter, Carter, you are the reason I'm able to mine! Thanks for putting something like this together. I can't imagine how long it took to put this together. =)

Thank you for the miners and all the great info! Happy to see you on steemit.

Will this automatically update individual mining programs?


Not in this version. We are working on a autobuild feature in a future release. It is manually maintained by us and updated pretty close to as soon as any of them are updated.