Bitrent succeeds in India

in #cryptocurrency3 years ago

We are pleased to announce to you that Bitrent enters the market of India! Over the past two weeks, our company has achieved a great progress in creating the new bonds as well as promoting the platform and the benefits of blockchain technology to opinion leaders over the biggest state cities.

Hyderabad city
July 20th is notable for our various presentations at the conference of Nasscom, a non-profit industry association, is the apex body for the 154 billion dollars IT-BPM industry in India. Organizers of the conference showed a great deal of interest together with a desire for the further cooperation. Bitrent has also held several productive meetings with Raj n Phani, the founder of Zagg Network, the company which had the massive success during the BEF 2018 and showed interest in partnering with Bitrent.
July 24th’s morning meeting with an IT official Prasad Garapati and the presentation concerning Bitrent and Bitrent Blockchain Hub, Unity Towers showed promising results for future realization of sales on the US real estate market.
Pune city
July 26th Meeting with the co-founder of Global Blockchain Foundation Pankajj Ghode showed a successful result for the future cooperation in bringing brand new investors all around the globe.
New Delhi
July 30th Meeting with the co-founder of RevInfotech, Lalit Bansal Adamya
Conducting the meeting has opened our various approaches to mutual benefit in a field of future project financing.