BitRent Presentation in Taiwan in cooperation with Chinese Blockchain Alliance

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On July 7 in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, at 1:30 pm the major event was held — the Conference of the Taiwanese blockchain club, which is a part of the China Blockchain Alliance.

The conference brought together industry professionals and first-class speakers (lecturers) to discuss the opportunities that the blockchain system provides and offer effective solutions in response to the complexities that technology has to face today.

The China Blockchain Alliance was established with the support of Trump Capital. It unites Chinese and foreign blockchain, crypto communities and organizations, creating a platform for the blockchain industry. The structure of the Blockchain Alliance includes researchers and evangelists of the blockchain.

Within the conference and partnership agreements on the development of the blockchain technology with the China Blockchain Alliance, the official presentation of the innovative BitRent platform was held.

BitRent is a multifunctional blockchain-based platform that allows everyone to invest minimum amounts in selected properties at any stage of construction.

In simple terms, BitRent is giving each person an easy and simple way to invest in real estate anywhere in the world. BitRent is the bridge that uses RNTB token to unite the world of cryptocurrencies and the real estate sector of the economy.

The event was also attended by the founders and top management of Trump Capital and the China Blockchain Alliance.

A dinner was organized in the evening for all guests during which participants exchanged their experience and expert opinions in the field of blockchain.

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