BitRent Development in Russia

in #cryptocurrency2 years ago

We are pleased to inform you that Bitrent is in an active phase of negotiations with the world’s leading investment and financial companies. The main topic of the negotiations is the inclusion of BitRent projects in the product line of our potential partner companies.
After the effective work of our employees, in the nearest future, we will be proud to announce the promotion of the Bitrent platform in all key regions of Russia.

At this stage, a referral program has already been launched, which operates in full on the territory of Russia. This program is aimed to expand the number of users of the BitRent platform through individual negotiations with each of our customers. In the framework of which, agreements were reached on cooperation with several MLM structures oriented to the Russian market and the markets of the former USSR countries.

Together with this, the Bitrent team continues to select the best real estate for the construction of Russian first Blockchain BitRent Hub. The unique concept of Blockchain BitRent Hub has been analyzed in detail and substantially refined under the conditions of the Russian market, which will help our customers to participate in our program in the nearest future.