5th July, Bitrent project took part in the First Russian conference for Decenturion citizens.

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5th July BitRent speaks at the first Russian conference for Decenturion citizens July 5th Moscow, Decenturion held the first meeting for its citizens in Russia. Decenturion is the first blockchain state with economy based on instruments of direct democracy. The main task of the conference was to issues passports to new citizens. Among guests and participants of the event were ambassadors of different countries, investors, serial entrepreneurs, the press and the leaders of the Russian blockchain community. BITRENT One of the main speakers of the conference was Dmitriy Starovoitov — founder of the platform for raising investments in BitRent construction projects. Dmitriy thanked Nikolai Evdokimov and the entire team of ministers of the first blockchain state for their determination to develop a unique project that is unrivaled throughout the world. “Nobody has ever tried to create a state based on the blockchain technology to date,” said the founder of BitRent. The founder of the investment platform reminded all guests and participants about the main task of BitRent on the construction and real estate market — to unite investors and developers in a comfortable and safe ecosystem, with minimum entry threshold and a multitude of options for acquiring square meters in the most advanced buildings. DECENTURION BITRENT DEVELOPMENT Further, Dmitriy Starovoitov shared about the establishment of a joint project with Decenturion company. The first blockchain state has probably set one of the most ambitious goals ahead of the investment and development platform within the world’s blockchain space. The task is to provide the construction of infrastructure for the state. Having negotiated with the leading developers, as well as specialists from Decenturion, the decision was made to establish a separate company that will be engaged in the construction of facilities for the first blockchain state — Decenturion BitRent Development. “This is an unprecedented case, since no organization in the world has ever been given a task to build up a whole state,” said Dmitriy. The first blockchain state will be located in the warm climatic zone on an island. All infrastructure will be built using BREEAM and LEED technologies. Focusing on eco-construction will allow to reduce emissions to the atmosphere almost to the “0” mark. The company aims to achieve the following figures: 700’000 sq.m. of eco-housing; 1’300’000 sq.m. of recreation zones and facilities; 160’000 sq.m. of business center area; 20’000 sq.m. of IT Hub; 250’000 sq.m. of hotels; 60’000 sq.m. of administrative buildings. During the first months of state’s operation, we expect a large-scale inflow of blockchain professionals to Decenturion from all over the world, including such popular destinations as Bali and Thailand. TOKEN The project has its unique token — RNTD. RNTD has fixed quantity — 100 000 000 tokens. 50 000 000 RNTD — will be distributed among Decenturion citizens. 50 000 000 RNTD — will remain in Decenturion BitRent Development company. Event administrators say that there were about 1500 people at the conference, with 80% of attendees being familiar with BitRent activities and efforts. Besides, 20’000–30’000 viewers were watching the live broadcasting of the event. Build successful future together with leading blockchain minds from every corner of the world, while living in the best real estate objects provided by innovative company Decenturion BitRent Development.