NEO/ANS Investor's Required Readings!

Below are all the business relevant links to any potential investor to NEO / Antshares, as best translated to English as possible, for your convenience:

Post ICO Interview with Da Hongfei (Onchain CEO & Head Developer):

Nasdaq article that details Onchain's technical and economic plans (Smart Economy) as well as partnerships with Microsoft, Agrello, Coindash, Binance, and the Innospace and NEST fund:

Unofficial English translated Github:

Article on dBFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance) and why the Onchain team choose it over POW and POS:

Current State of Blockchain Ventures in the PRC, and some issues that NEO will have to overcome (state regulation vs decentralization):

. PRC introduction of Digital Fiat (backed by Chinese Central Bank) and Chinese Government's efforts to reduce capital outflow via foreign crypto currencies (mainly citing bitcoin):

Detailed post by u/eMixologies on ANS/NEO vs ANC/NEOcoins, and the incentive to hold (Proof of Stake style) vs trade

Part of a series of well written and well informed posts (with sources) by user u/BTC2018 on ANS / NEO: Article 1 Article 2

Article of criticisms posted by u/JimmieSchrute on Medium (and Da Hongfei's acknowledgement and reply)

Current Exchanges that offer NEO/ANS

Please reply and let me know if there are any key pieces of information or good articles we can add to the list!


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