Check your cryptocurrency balances from multiple exchanges

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Cryptosphere is still the wild west. You keep hearing about so many accounts getting hacked. Like that was not enough we have cases of exchanges getting hacked, which only makes it worse. Inspite of following most of the security steps from this list I am generally tensed if one of my exchange accounts are hacked. Though there is not much you can do other than following the best security measures, it helps to know quickly when your accounts are hacked.

You can breathe easy when you know that one of your accounts is not hacked. But verifying that is not as easy it sounds. If you have been around in Crypto for more than an year you must have already had accounts on close to 10+ exchanges. So it would take anywhere between 15 to 20 minutes for you to check all accounts and breathe easy. One feature that gives me peace of mind is Exchange Balances screen on Cointracking.

As you can see this feature displays your balances from different exchanges. This feature was introduced couple of months ago but I didn’t find it useful as many exchanges didn’t have the relevant APIs. Now that many exchanges are supporting I think it is a good dashboard keep track of your current balances from a single dashboard. For you to be able to use this dashboard you must set up auto-import from exchanges. If you are not sure how to do that read up this article.

Track your cryptocurrency trades and portfolio
_I first heard about Bitcoin back in 2011 and spent some time reading about it. I found it interesting but never…

The above dashboard loads up in less than 10 secs which is really a lifesaver.

Following are the Supported exchanges for this dashboard: Binance, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Coinbase, Cryptopia, Gatecoin, GDAX, Kraken, Liqui, Poloniex, TheRockTrading, Tidex, Yobit,, Bleutrade, LivecoinI am looking forward to KuCoin adding the API support so that I can track my balance from Kucion as well.

Note : I have used referral link for Cointracking in the article. You will get an additional 10% discount for using the referral link. If you purchase using Bitcoin you get additional 5% discount.

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i think it is useful

You holding USDT?It's like holding ice in


I hold USDT avoid cashing out which are subjected to taxes. So I use USDT. I am yet to make up my mind when to invest that USDT in Bitcoin :P


You know how extremely risky is to hold usdt?You could lose all if it goes down.

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Is GDAX the same as coinbase pro?


I think so. Since Coinbase is not active India I haven't checked it out yet.


Yes, Coinbase Pro has replaced GDAX.

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I just get more depressed every time I check mine! LOL


When you are in bear market and you are a hodler you should check your portfolio as less frequently as possible. Inspite of this if you keep checking that is pure sadism or masochism :P

The best method of being informed is still the monitoring we do to our digital assets with monitoring from the main exchanges portals. Although this involves a considerable investment of our valuable time.
Currently in Blockchain we find ecosystems that allow us to manage our investments at the same time as they inform us of the fluctuations of the cryptocurrencies in the main exchanges. All without abandoning a single interface.
This seems a very useful and versatile tool. Especially for being compatible with the most important exchanges of the market. I will have to do the test.
Thank you for this very informative and valuable publication!


I renewed it for the second year as I find it convenient. Do check it out They have a free version for first 200 trades. If you find any other alternative to this, do let me know. Will keep in mind before renewing next year.

Best Method to Protect Your Crypto Money: USB Bitcoin Wallet


can you please tell us more about it


Usb Bitcoin Wallet: You do not need to keep your bitcoin or crypto money on the computer or on the stock exchange. In Usb you keep your money safe. Example: Ledge Nano

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The best method to check your crypto balance is...take your phone, throw it out the window, smash it with a hammer, go to sleep for 1 year, wake up and then download blockfolio.

Does this app have any tools available for trend analysis? Or does it simple monitor exchanges/coin ticker?


They have trend analysis reports but they are very basic. What I find useful is their different dashboards, profit loss analysis, realised/unrealised gains, report generation for tax filing and so on.

Checkout for further details.

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Great post..
Will try this app for sure..

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Thanks for the update, will check it out!

Thanks for the update, I will check it out! :)

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This article is very helpful for us. Thanks.

Too many exchanges for crypto currencies and every exchange doing the same thing , let’s hope for the best


It is always better to have alternatives.

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Thanks for the article! But for me good Blockfolio


Blockfolio has been accused of selling user information. So I am not sure if I will be comfortable with that.


Show me please, who not selling information. Facebook, Google etc

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