Check Out The All New BitF Website and Roadmap

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We are happy to announce the release of the newly rebranded BitF homepage As promised we have updated the look and feel with a clean responsive design to be more mobile friendly. Along with the new site we have released the eagerly anticipated roadmap for the next year. You can also now subscribe to the BitF email newsletter to stay up to date on BitF news right in your inbox.

BitF: The Carbon Offset Cryptocurrency

Learn More and Get Involved

Twitter: @BitfDev







Wallets: Windows | Linux | Mac OSX

Exchanges: Crex24 -

Email: [email protected]


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This is gonna be on fire!! That's good news then.

Nice , subscribed already :)
Gonna check the lateat updates in the near future

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Congratulations !
but no team, no company info ?

very interesting the design of the page, practical and functional, I did not know about this cryptocurrency, I'm going to register, I'm interested, congratulations

Looks amazing!

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