BitF is Now Listed on Stocks.Exchange! 💰 📈 Ł Ξ

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Stocks.Exchange is Live

BitF continues to grow and we are proud to announce the addition of new exchange listings. BitF is now trading live with BITF/ETH and BITF/LTC on Stocks.Exchange.

These new pairings are in line with our commitment to providing more options and liquidity to the growing BitF community. We are still working hard towards securing even more listings that we hope to share here soon.


BitF also still available with BITF/BTC and BITF/ETH on Crex24

Yobit Coming Soon

As was previously announced we have been in contact with are expecting a listing soon but we cannot give an exact date.

Masternode Operators Wanted!

Are you interested in running a masternode? BitF masternodes are currently paying over 40% ROI and is so energy efficient it can be run on a Raspberry Pi! Check out the BitF listing for statistics.

Learn More and Get Involved

Twitter: @BitfDev







Wallets: Windows | Linux | Mac OSX

Email: [email protected]


Good news for everybody


Guys be very careful with this project, alot of red flags

look have something going on you may like its a little support project i been doing check it out you may like it more info on my blog

ty @bitf
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So, what is the idea behind bitf?
Why yet another crypto?

Great news and a nice article, keep up the good work!

it is a good article

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Thanks for the Post..

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