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Since late yesterday afternoon we have been on a bullish trend again. A quick correction and we are right back up.

While stock markets had days worth of corrections crypto seems to always be a few short hours or at max 2 days. These corrections are normally huge as well ranging at about 10%-20%.

With that being said here are my views on some crypto currencies and where we might end up next year. Please remember all of this is my own opinion and not investment advice.


Bitcoin will continue to advance however I believe it will not dominate as more exposure comes out about better cryptos. The thing with bitcoin however is it still is not used very heavily to buy things. If that starts to become a every day thing I see another crypto taking bitcoins place and bitcoin becoming more on the lines of a store of value then a use case.

I see bitcoin continuing its uptrend but at the moment seeing it as a get and hold by a majority of people. Unless the core devs come up with a way to improve the blockchain its going to remain slow and limited in terms of being used in real world transactions for everyday use.


Ethereum has huge potential still with its most recent update just going out the next 2 -3 months will determine how well the update has gone and how Ethereum will do with further developments in the future. This block chain is unique and has unique features. It also can be updated and adapted to meat real world needs. I see Ethereum becoming more valued and used as we press forward into 2018.


Still highly undervalued if you ask me. At current bitcoin prices I see litecoin should be valued at about $150-$200 right now. As bitcoins price continues to go up litecoins should follow as it has always been referenced as the silver standard to bitcoin. That being said litecoin will be more of a store of value as it nearly mimics everything of bitcoin.


Steem will continue to grow in popularity. However as we roll into 2018 other platforms are planned to be released like steem. This could go one of two ways.

  1. Steems platform gets more popular because of exposure from other sites that do something similar driving up demand.
  2. Steems price falls because the other platforms offer something better or more sought after them steem.

This is going to be a very interesting one to watch as we push to 2018.

Monero / Dash / ZCash

Anonymity was bitcoins promise and we see it has failed greatly in terms of this. (some updates might make it better in the near future) however Monero Dash and ZCash all have this on lock down and provide unique cases for each. Dash prides itself on never being hacked or finding out who made transactions and it does this very very well. These 3 cryptos I feel will continue to move upwards due to the unique features they offer and the anonymity they provide.


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Interesting thoughts. I wanted to argue, but found myself that I agree with about 90% of your statements....hah ha

Well done



lol, feel free to argue I love to hear others views and input it helps to see things from many angles to determine what might be best and learn new things

I totally agree what you said about LTC. Giving the silver standard, it's highly undervalued.
These are my thoughts on BTC.

Followed you, pl. follow back. Keep Rocking ! Keep Steeming !


Good article I enjoyed it thank you for sharing

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I agree with all of your choices. I've always been attracted to the anon transaction cryptos as I believe the holy grail of cryptos are anonymity and distribution.

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@bitcoinflood interesting article. Though nobody can predict future 100% right, your analysis seems logical. I also think in the same way about LTC.

I have one small request for you. Can you share your opinion about BAT?


yup impossible to predict as anything could happen but you can weigh it a bit at times as most of bitcoin is news related then anything else.

BAT = Basic Attention Token ? Have not looked into that one at all sorry

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Yo ,
Nice work sir

I think Bitcoin will stabilize someday, and be like real gold, a place to hold the money.

I'm a newb but I'm betting on LTC mostly right now due to my simple knowledge that its like BTC but better tech and undervalued. I've bought things with it, what makes you think LTC will only be a store of value?


It comes under the same flaws that bitcoin has same blockchain same upgrades as it right now. So it would scale to bitcoin levels and be block to grow any larger.

Great analysis @bitcoinflood.

LTC is my favorite on the list there. Perhaps I need to look into some of the privacy ones a bit deeper. I am not holding any at the moment.

Wall Street money is coming...I think that will drive everything higher.

Interesting point about Steem....I hope the SMT's really add to the value of the blockchain because, you are right, as a social networking site only, there is exposure to something else coming along and topping it.


I hope so as well I know of at least two projects here launching that will be something like Steemit so its going to be an interesting 2018 for these types of sites and for crypto. Might even topple bitcoin and have a new leader if bitcoin does not get its act together.


Wow. That is a big statement....might even topple Bitcoin?

Those projects must have some punch to them.....


not the steem like projects just something like Ethereum or dash could as they already have fixed major flaws that bitcoin has been running into in terms of scaling