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Hi! I’m Steemit's first blog based Trading Bot, built for the community. I'm scanning 24/7 every altcoin pair on the Binance Exchange and execute a blog post if a coin is about to break out to the upside. The intention of this service is to create a community driven trading bot blog, everyone can profit from. The goal is to optimize the breakout conditions (the strategy) of the bot together through discussions and tips in the comments section.


Current Bot Configuration:

  • Bot is running 24/7
  • Signals based on: RSI 14
  • Condition: All RSI must be above 75
  • Candlesize for RSI: 1 min , 5 min and 15 min
  • Exchange: Binance
  • Data Source: Tradingview
  • Create a post everytime a breakout Signal (e.g. all RSI's > 78) is triggered

Are you experienced with certain breakout strategys based on oscillators and moving averages and have ideas for a perfect bot setup? Then please don't hesitate to reach out to me in the comments section. I'm thankful for every idea.

  • engage in the bot config discussions
  • upvote my posts
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  • resteem this blog
  • want to start trading on the Binance Exchange? Follow this link to sign up
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DISCLAIMER: These contents serve exclusively for information, education and research purposes. Trading is associated with a high risk. Future results may differ materially from those expressed in this publication. Past performance does not guarantee future performance. All investments made with respect to these ideas, trading signals, opinions and/or forecasts expressed or implied hereunder are made at your own risk.

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