BETA:[Feb 19 2019 | 20:31:54 UTC+1] BINANCE Trading Pair Signal BUY/SELL Announcement

[Calculation #10 of today] : Most recent BUY/SELL Announcement

Trading Signal 10:

Exit previous Trade and enter: XMRBTC [Feb 19 2019 | 20:31:54 UTC+1]

(This is the altcoin/bitcoin trading pair with the highest likeliness for a price increase until the next announcement is being made)

Top 5 Strongest Buy Signals:


Top 5 Strongest Sell Signals:


Technicals (still under development):

Timeframe for Collecting Data: ~ 150 min (averaging signals over the given timeframe)
Candlesize: 15 min
Data is beeing acquired every: 10 minutes
Based on 80 different Indicators (Moving Averages, Oscillators and Pivots )

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