5 Best Cryptocurrencies to invest in today

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Trading cryptocurrencies can be fun and a nightmare at the same time. It is fun in that any investor can scoop massive returns in significantly shorter time than anticipated. On the flip side, crypto trade can be very catastrophic when the players overlook certain parameters. This prompts the necessity to identify the best cryptocurrencies to avoid fraud and upscale your investments.


It is possible to lose savings to fraud if some security measures are not implemented. This happens because there are numerous hawks trading on some coins targeting unsuspecting clients. That is why governments are imposing regulations to watch the operations in the industry to protect traders from scams.

The vulnerability associated with the crypto industry calls for incisive evaluation before making a pick on which coins to trade. The mother coin like Bitcoin thrives because of the stringent security measures implemented by the founders. There are several altcoins today and it is hard to identify genuine traders and scammers.

Any potential investor, therefore, should take a close look at the performance of the coins in the market before taking a leap to throw in their fiat currencies in exchange. The observation is key both for short and long-term investors. This ensures that traders go for credible coins that will meet the objectives of their investment. Here is a list of some the best cryptocurrencies that have beaten the odds of time and as well show positive prospects in the near years.

1. Bitcoin BTC

Old age comes with experience and being the mother of all crypto coins, none can beat it at the game. Since its advent, the coin has controlled the market by being the highest in demand and circulation. The programmer behind its creation is unknown but it is operated under an account Satoshi Nakamoto. It is credible and has continued to thrive since its introduction in 2009.

Bitcoin skyrocketed in 2017 when it gained the highest popularity and had more than 16.8 million circulating BTC tokens. The coin is currently approximated to have a market value of 191 billion dollars. Despite experiencing lows in the first quarter of 2018 the coin is strong and promising for investments. It is the best cryptocurrency because it will never collapse owing to the gigantic market cap. It is safe, reliable and a big kill especially for both new and old investors.

2. Ethereum ETH

It is the strongest of all the altcoins and closely shadows Bitcoin. The main advantage of the coin is that it trades on a wide capital base like the forerunner. It can never vanish and scam investors of their stakes. Further, the coin offers more leverage because it gives more power to the investor because of more decentralization features. It is comprehensively decentralized such that it does not have third-party affiliates like Apple and Google. It operates on its own networks so that transactional fees are largely minimal. It was approximated to have a market cap of $116 dollars in the start of 2019.

3. Ripple XRP

The coin came as a big surprise in the last quarter of 2017 nearly surpassing Ethereum and settled in third place at the inception of 2018. It is also a big competitor to the mother coin Bitcoin because it has evolved to integrate networks used by banks such as SWIFT for transactions. This feature makes it more decentralized, efficient and hastens the speed of transactions. Its tokens are more reliable earning it a unique position that made it trending at its entry. It is approximated to have a market value of $12 billion and continues to soar even higher placing it among the best cryptocurrencies

4. Dash

This coin came as a salvation to the slow time verification of Bitcoin when the latter experienced technicalities in its blockchain in the recent past. It is recommended because being the masternode system creator it fills the technicality gaps flaws of the parent. It has more security features and supports quick transactions and exchanges with both fiat and other cryptocurrencies. It is a promising coin as it continues to consistently grow popularity and value since it was introduced in 2015. It is currently approximated to have more than $620 million market net worth.

5. Lisk

The coin was largely created to resolve the technicalities of creating sidechains and blockchain apps. Lisk is projected to achieve higher values in the coming years because javascript is the most popular programing language on the internet, being built totally in javascript. Its current total market cap is approximately $138 million which is why it is stable for investment just now.

The most important aspect of the highlighted coins is that they have a stable capital in the market so that they cannot easily collapse. Besides, these currencies have an unlimited exchange with both fiat and other altcoins. They can be efficiently traded because they are supported by many renowned exchange companies. Significantly, the coins are based on blockchain models which are impenetrable keeping them at bay from fraud. In crypto world, they are the key cryptocurrencies validly run and cannot turn out as scams to frustrate investors making them stand out as the best cryptocurrencies in the industry.

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