Autonio Version 1.0 Byzantine Conquerer: First Responses From Users

in cryptocurrency •  11 months ago

Here are some of the early responses to the release of Autonio Crypto Trading Platform:

Thank you for such a warm welcome to this trading system of the future. Join Autonio Telegram channel and enjoy the ride to the future of trading:


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Here is the latest result from a Autonio User:

OK people! Here's my results so far!

I backtested an algo that gave me 37% over the last two days on ETHBTC @Bittrex. I implemented the settings in the forward trading section of the app. Here's the result in just 3 hours. Starting value was 1 btc."

Thats $5,907 in just 3 hours!!!

I am making another post on these results.

Thank you @bitbulls for the post. The users are already getting massive profits like 2% in 2 hours and 11% in less than 24 hours


Ok Here's the latest results from the Autonio 1.0 platform:

great thanks for sharing will check it out


You are welcome dear