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RE: Will EOS Kill Ethereum? Part I

in #cryptocurrency3 years ago

My money is still on NEO (literally). Be that as it may, I think that there is sufficient space for multiple platform coins, perhaps each with its own niche market e.g ETH - cheaper apps, EOS - Western World, NEO - Eastern World, ADA - scholars etc.

Those who get in first (i.e. those already up and running, will no doubt continue to enjoy the first mover advantages into the future. Right or wrong, it's not really about which coin is better or has better support or a better plan. If that was the case then BTC would have been toppled long ago.


Excellent points here.

Bullish on all those based and yes ETH based on the Elliott Wave Theory. Will post the fractals for EOS and ETH next week. But bullish on ADA and NEO as well.

The Elliott Waves can only ever show a representation of the underlying fundamentals. I think that in terms of project scope, development and market positioning, some of these platform coins have got smoking futures ahead of them!

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