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RE: Bitcoin Payment Hurdles | Why Pay with BTC when you Expect the Future Value to Increase?

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Wow, a great read there. Most people there, especially newbies don't understand the difference between a store of value and Gas blockchain. That the difference between Bitcoin and etherium. Bitcoin is limited in supply and defamatory while the later is abundant in supply and inflammatory. The future value of bitcoin is set to increase, since its a currency by its own accord, limited in supply and defamatory. The value of ether on the other hand, Is pegged on the adoption of its block chain and its use in the DApp ( DECENTRALISED APPS).
As much as people can hold and transact using ether, if its core purpose of providing gas or fuel for DAPS is limited, then its value cannot grow.


Very good points!

In its current state, Bitcoin is definitely deflationary and as adoption/demand goes up, there simply is not enough supply to keep prices stable. All of this is ultimately code so it's possible, although highly unlikely, that more Bitcoin are eventually created, but for the foreseeable future as the popularity of Bitcoin increase there is only so much supply that can be met following traditional Economics of Supply and Demand.

The value of Ethereum and what appears to be it's long term value prospect is to be the building blocks of the DAPPS stack. A very ambitious and exciting prospect that will take years to develop and tune. While Ether is not deflationary like Bitcoin it can still outpace Bitcoin by having superior technology, but why have that argument, they are accomplishing different goals with different motivations.