What are the most influential cryptocurrency/blockchain whitepapers of all time?

in cryptocurrency •  9 months ago

I'm interested in studying cryptocurrencies and decentralized database systems in a more rigorous, analytical capacity. Toward that end, I've decided to spend the next several months reading up on the foundational work that others have done. Obviously, Satoshi's whitepaper is an important one:

Screenshot 2018-04-08 15.19.01.png

Sunny King's paper on proof-of-stake clearly deserves to be on my list too; and maybe some of these are important:

Screenshot 2018-04-08 15.18.36.png

But what else? Dan's "Is Bitcoin overpaying for security" has some important thoughts in it, but is it his best? What about the seminal non-blockchain ones that the IOTA protocol are based on?

What's your favorite technical paper on cryptocurrencies?

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I like the lightning network white paper and confidential transactions whitepaper. However i don't treat the whitepaper like a holy book. I think the bitcoin cash community treats the whitepaper as a holy book for their main defense is it is not in the whitepaper but nor was Asic.


Yeah, it seems like you could get into a lot of trouble by treating a white paper as a holy book.

Wawww, Nice post brother