Binance Monthly Review — Month 17

Check out the biggest developments from Binance and its ecosystem!

For today’s monthly update, Binance breaks down all the major events for our ecosystem, from the new listings and tech enhancements to our trading platform, to various developments across our different divisions.

To read the full report, please go to the new Binance blog, where you’ll see all our news and updates, as well as original content, such as thought leadership pieces from our visionaries and the community.

Read the full monthly update here!


Hello Binance, I am considering investing in Binance Coin. I therefore have a few questions:
Where do you publish the quarterly figures on turnover, profit and coin bybacks?
What happens to the other 80% of the profit that is not used for the buybacks?
And how are the profits used when the buyback limit of 100 million coins has been reached?

I hope you can answer these questions for me. I haven't found anything on the net yet. Thank you.

Hi sevenseals. We publish quarterly burn figures on our blog, the latest one being at (In the future, we post on

Hi I accidentally send the wrong memo address can you guys have a look at this? to @deepcrypto8
I would like to get Refund.
Hope you would reply this message. Thanks

I notice you guy never reply nor read.
Please do something!

Ok Paul
I will ask them.

Hi Paul. Please raise a ticket at so that we can properly assist you regarding your problem. Thanks.

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