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Fellow Binancians,

In the world of blockchain, we have always believed that actions speak louder than words. Thus, a tailored blockchain is the best way to communicate ourselves.

In just six short months, Binance has transformed into one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Additionally, we completed Binance Labs (a blockchain technology incubator), Binance Info (our Codex), as well as many other components that comprise the Binance ecosystem. We believe that continuously supporting high-quality blockchain projects is the best way to develop this industry. We will continue to improve this part, as we committed in our whitepaper. However, for Binance, this is far from enough.

After extensively researching decentralized exchange frameworks and analyzing existing implementations, we believe significant improvements can be made in providing Binance users with a level of trading experience to which they are already accustomed. Centralized and Decentralized exchanges will co-exist in the near future, complementing each other, while also having interdependence. We stand here today because we believe that Blockchain technology will change the world. In the face of adversity, we have always elected to tackle issues head-on, instead of retreating. As such, we have decided to officially launch the development of the Binance Chain.

As a public blockchain, Binance Chain will mainly focus on the transfer and trading of blockchain assets, as well as provide new possibilities for the future flow of blockchain assets. Binance Chain will focus on performance, ease-of-use, and liquidity. Binance Coin (BNB) will be upgraded to exist on its own blockchain mainnet, becoming a native coin. At the same time, Binance will transition from being a company to a community.

We know how hard it is to create a business, however, creating history is even harder. The real enemy is often ourselves. We need to continuously improve and disrupt ourselves. We need to work together to create a better version of ourselves. The future belongs to the new us, together. Thank you for your unwavering support.

Thanks for your support!

Binance Team



Binance actively on Steemit and other social media platforms really shows how much they care. You will never get that dedication from Bittrex. I recommend Binance to anyone. Would Binance return the love and list SBD?

SBD, like STEEM has the following benefits

  • High Capacity
  • High Speed
  • Massive User Base
  • No fees

Also, SBD has the potential to become a replacement for Tether.

We here at Steemit want to have SBD listed on Binance. Binance already has STEEM listed and yet Steemians cannot take their SBD that they have earned to Binance exchange. Binance is loosing money by not making SBD available for exchange. Steemians must take their SBD elsewhere to exchange it.

Great idea, Binance should list SBD! I don’t think it’s a great replacement for Tether yet though, just look at the 6 month chart. Hopefully it will stabilize and become a reliable store of value soon.
What do you think of Bitshares BitUSD? It’s been quite stable in price and easy to store dollars there.

Men, it's a great list of opportunity of SBD, I love SBD but i need to convert it to STEEM to sent on BINANCE, I hope SBD will be listed soon. SBD I sent sometimes to Poloniex.

SBD, DAI and DGX greatly needed on Binance. All are decentralized stable coins better than the centralized Tether.

Tether it's a scam , like new scam TrueUSD, I hate him!!!!

From what I understand, Binance is the most legit exchange. Steemit is legit too and been around for longer than Binance. It seems reasonable that Binance can list SBD.

Its better than tether, but does no longer actively track the value of USD. This means that there is a larger risk to it. If I buy SBD now for 3$, they might go back to 1$ in a month or so.

So I think the logical replacement for tether would be bitusd. These are not likely to be worth much more than 1$ since they can be minted by everybody, opposed to the issuing of SBD that is controlled by the blockchain itself.

You are right that it will go back to a dollar, but definitely not in a month. The supply is just too low. To get there faster, we need more users. To get more users, we need the value of SBD to go up and for it to be listed where we use crypto.

Please please add SBD to Binance!

SBD would be the perfect addition to Binance. I'd love to cash out on Binance when I do.

It would be a perfect addition but I haven’t thought of cashing out yet. Maybe one day when we don’t have to cash out for first is when I’d love ve to spend it as it’s intended for.

Nice, I cash out a small amount from time to time. I just started delegating steem power now. So I'll probably cash out some each month and delegate some each month. I funded a lot of my crypto trading with steem last year. Now I'll probably start building my steemit account.

Binance. everyone in the world, we want the SBD to appear in Binance, what should we do? I, together with several friends, take this request, every day we post it. and now more than we know that they will take out their own currency,
We just wait for you to decide ..

Would be fun if you could use Bitshares asset creation feature that is used by other exchanges for their tokens.

we believe in you and thank you for putting out the bounty on the attempted hackers. it speaks volumes.

This is fantastic news. Looking forward to following the development of this project!

Amazing announcement! I love binance soooo much! Best exchange ever! Keep up the amazing work! :)

This is great news and I am glad to see Binance going this direction.

I'm looking forward to seeing this come to fruition as a decentralised exchange is necessary for the community!