Humaniq. Should You Invest Now?

This is just my opinion of why I think this coins will be very valuable in the upcoming months and years. If you agree or disagree with my opinion, you are more than welcome to express your own opinion in the comments section. I may be a bit biased as I am invested in this coin already and it has already given me a nice return on my initial investment.


Humaniq (HMQ)

Humaniq is project which attempts to open up banking to the more than 1 billion unbanked people around the word (just imagine the market cap in a few year!). While traditional banking requires people to go to a bank, present identification, and filling out paper work, HMQ relies on readily available technology. Instead of all the things mentioned above, HMQ will use biometrics, cellphones and the internet in order to bring open up banking to this large number on potential users.
If you bought HMQ during this whole SegWit market dip (it reached 0.08 cents on 16 July 17 and it went up all the way to 0.18 cents on 22 July 17), you could have already doubled your initial investment! The price has stabilized but it will definitely continue rising as we move into the end of the year.

This is definitely a coin that I will be holding for the next few months, possibly years. If you want more information about this amazing project, I have left a link below. Also, the pricing information was obtained from