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When we are able to enter inside our minds, through self-consciousness, we are able to temporarily see our thoughts.

Our minds are the specific arena where cryptocurrencies exists.

For the first time in the history of mankind, humanity has created a universal currency with no direct outward manifestation.

A currency of, for, and by the mind.

Being detached from our thoughts, creating a space between our self-consciousness and our thoughts, even if only temporarily, helps evolving man with our underlying, overwhelmingly overlooked, precocious relationship between our emotions and our thoughts.

You become, in fact, more decentralized.

Instead of being our thoughts, being totally attached to the continuous narration that flows through us, we become more aware that we are overwhelmingly more centered simultaneously becoming aware of our instinctive functions, our moving functions, sex, a correcting emotional center and finally - yet not most importantly, our intellectual function.

We become more reserved in the amount of thought that we use or need. We naturally, consciously, conserve gwei; gas; stray thoughts. For here is where we are able to conserve our overflow, our waste, and our power. Here is where we build value, and strength.

Being more self-consciousness does not bring you closer to the acceptance of cryptocurrency. Becoming more self-conscious brings one to to a point where you may be able to better view the arena of cryptocurrencies.

In Letting Go we must begin by slowly practicing in LETTING GO by experiencing an Interior Realization.

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legend, that is worth a resteem anyday! @atmosblack will love it

Your phylosophy is very interesting. Nice post, that hijacked my thoughts)

nice job bro, i was just thinking the same :D

That's a good one

Awesome post. keep it up , thanks for have an idea about self-consciousness. :)