LMFAO! EOS big announcement was Steemit. Or uh! Voice token!

in #cryptocurrency3 years ago

LOL this must be the "Meos" you all were going on about for an entire year! Shhhh it's a secret! Lol!
I can feel the FOMO. Ha!!

Block one, EOS and most involved with the project are Clown shoe scammers.

Now you know.

Oh yeah it was also surprise listed on Coinbase the day before "THEIR BIG ANNOUNCEMENT" LOL. I cant stop laughing!. How much did they pay Coinbase? How much did they pay to pump the price of their shitcoin over the past month...Trying to fool their new retail investors into believing there is something there. Looks like they failed again because "They"
are not buying. Good! Sit and spin.

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