Is "NEM" Beating "Ripple"

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This is my first article on CryptoCurrencies . Let me put in short what i want to discuss. There were some articles earlier on Steem for "NEM" as sleeping gaint . I was inspired for that articles and started digging more about NEM . Ok lets look at the price chart of NEM , if you see price already crossed Ripple and market cap reached to 1.8.


Why NEM Price increasing dominating Ripple . Possible causes i believe were

  1. NEM with block chain global company going to setup Exchange for NEM

2)NEM giving trails in energy sector .Following article can be found from NEM official .

3)NEM puts highest ranking in Security wise implementing for any applications by chinese Cert report

  1. NEM has lot of new projects ready like LUXTAG,LANDSTEAD etc.!/

There were lot of other projects in development phase and NEM is fast and seccure block chain.Ripple mainly focused on banking sector where as NEM can be used in any sector .


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I agree that NEM is going to explode this year. The big reason I don't think you have mentioned here is the upcoming (supposedly this month of August) release of Catapult, a complete overhaul of NEM written in C++ coding language (current version of NEM is Java) which increases transaction speed and scalability. Here is the catapult white paper:

Not to mention the prior announcement of a $40 million marketing campaign to increase NEM visibility in the west, which is going to begin with the release of Catapult. NEM is big in Japan and it is about to become a rockstar in the west as well :)

yes you are correct . Agreed to all points . Even i am waiting for catapult .Thanks for bringing this.

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