Bullying and Intimidation in the Crypto Community

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Bullying is everywhere, in the playground, the workplace, the family and online. Online bullying is more insidious because the emotional distance provided by the internet encourages others to join in.

Sadly, bullying and intimidation also happens in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. One team of devs tries to discredit another teams efforts. Then retaliation happens and before you know it you have all out war. Two questions occur to me;

  • Who wins? Or more precisely who loses? Not the devs, it’s the people who invest, those who’ve either bought in pre-ICO or those that bought in during the ICO. The devs are too busy insulting each other and anyway, they can always find work on another project. The investors however, especially the smaller ones, don’t have that luxury. They have to just sit back and watch as their investment slowly expires. True, some will join the fray, but I suspect that’s more out of frustration and despair, rather than any true knowledge or opinion.
  • What would the entity collectively collectively known as Satoshi Nakamoto think about the crypto community turning on itself like rabid dogs?

Sometimes however, an individual will do the bullying, and unlike the devs who contain their arguments and intimidation to forums, the individual will often go public.

Therein lies the problem for the whole community, because the very public nature of the bullying and intimidation, mostly on social media sharing sites brings the whole community into disrepute. Not only that, it damages the credibility of not just the individual project and team that’s being attacked, but it casts a shadow on those that are still needing followers.

Imagine for a moment that you’ve decided to invest in a token. You’ve narrowed it down and found a few you like. Then, you see something on Facebook that seems to be about one of your chosen tokens. You read the post, it says that the team behind the project are thieves and fraudsters. So you continue your research, you find more ‘facts’ that are detrimental to the team and project. You keep digging, you find rebuttals, but overall, there are more negative posts than rebuttals. What do you do? Probably step back from that project, at least until you can see whether or not those accusations of theft and fraud are true.

But then what happens to this new interest in cryptocurrency? I know of several cases where they’ve lost all interest because there’s enough publicity in the media, from so called ‘experts’ that back up the claims of cryptocurrency being a ‘ponzi scheme’ or other scam that they just didn’t feel comfortable and so lost all interest.

The bully has succeeded because the crypto community doesn’t stand together. Banks, try to sell their own services, they’re in competition with each other but they don’t trash each other. They know that to encourage doubt and distrust of one bank, undermines the trust in all banks.


Intimidation works in much the same way, instead of trashing the project, the bully says something like “If you don’t do this (whatever this is) I will ruin your project, see what I did with that one over there.”

This tactic is usually used on an ‘industry influencer’ because the bully knows that the influencers word has much more weight than the bully’s. If the influencer caves in, and does it publicly it doesn’t just help the bully continue to destroy his targets, it damages the influencer too. Especially if he’s made to retract his words. The influencer then looks weak and foolish, his influence wanes and he becomes a pariah in the community.

Bullies work in several ways, sometimes they threaten individuals, either with courts or at least in one case with the FBI. Nothing ever comes of it of course because the bully is weak and has not a leg to stand on, which is why he took to bullying in the first case.

I’ve seen public threats of violence made against women as well as statements that the FBI in almost every country in the world have been notified and are on their way to arrest individuals. This is of course a nonsense as the FBI has no jurisdiction in any other country regarding crimes, unless they have an agreement with the individual government and then only in cases where crimes were committed against Americans.

Most people though don’t think to check and share the post, tweet or whatever, spreading the bad news.

It’s time the crypto community pulled its socks up and started thinking more about the industry as a whole and working together to get cryptocurrency and tokens accepted by the general public. Without that acceptance the whole industry suffers.

Whether you’re developing something you hope is going to be ‘digital gold’ or a platform to ease the lives of others in some way, you need the general public to accept and be open to using the currency or tokens. It has to make sense and not be a target for the ‘pump and dump’ parade who are not converts but ‘get rich quick’ schemers.

If you’re part of a team that’s been targeted by a bully, you need to stand up to him/her/them. Find the others who’ve been at the receiving end and get together to prosecute. Ensure you have all the evidence you need to prove your case. Combine your efforts, there is strength in numbers.

If you’re an industry influencer who gets targeted, remember that you can withdraw privately, never do things publicly because once you do, the bully owns you. Influencers are like small gods, they rely on the belief of their followers to stay current. Damage that belief and the influencer/small god fades to a voice bleating in the wilderness.

Expose the bullies at every turn, stand together against the horde, clean house, the people need you to carry on the work of Satoshi Nakamoto not wreck it.

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Bullies seem to be everywhere. They lose power when we stand together.

its quite sad that bullies exist in general.


Indeed it is, especially when you see the emotional damage they cause.

Are you perhaps referring to that green-haired guy? If so, then I've read some article about him and truthfully he is not trustworthy. I mean he was arrested in Japan or atleast that is what the article said.

Greetings from Kryptonia

Great post. Sadly, its becoming all too common in the crypto space these days. If crypto is to fulfill our dream of REALLY going mainstream, then we ALL need to stand as one.

Bulling and intimidation has always existed, especially in schools. It's like a fight to see who can do more, or to see who becomes the king of the pack. You have to face it with courage from the beginning because otherwise they see you as the weak one and it will continue to happen. Great post @berolena

excelente post

Honestly I dont have much idea about crypto... I just started and never thought bullying is also present on this platform. Well, I guess it is everywhere. :( but lets stand for it and as much as possible protect our investment from dying without any returns.

The fact that cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy and there is no regulation at all means that media and governments also have too much undue influence. Think about all the countries that have threatened to ban crypto - cause a dump only to reverse their "decision" a week or so later.

That's the saddest reality.

Estoy totalmente de acuerdo

I am new to crypto and have not seen this. When I get bullied online or have any trouble at all with anyone - I do not engage, block them immediately, and move on. This has worked for my everywhere I post for 10+ years now. There are more good people than bad in my experience.

I guess the main bullies are the media.

Bullies is a result of underestimating the intelligence of other

honestly. it is the kind of people that i hate the most.

I totally agree with you and I'm against all types of bullying!

Bullying is threatening. I didnt know it existed also in this platform. It is so sad. I hope it will be address.

It's sad to think many great projects take a hit because of lies

Bullies are everywhere we just need to stay all firm and strong from kryptonia@everdope..

Great post. I wrote a 3 part piece on a genius way to deal with bullies .

I actually think that these blockchain technologies will more us toward a place where bullying is dealt with in the protocol. Not directly but indirectly in that they are a natural form of governance.

i hate bullies too.

That last part, when we stand together the bullies stand no chance because we are more than them and there is great strength in numbers

"No Comment" Bullies have no place in business.

Settle down to the task at hand and grow business in a fair fashion I believe is what Satoshi Nakamoto would have preferred to see.

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Thanks for standing up. Perhaps you will enjoy Paul Graham's little essay: "Mean People Fail"


I ended up falling for the bully who was aforementioned in this article; my ally in the cryptospace actually believed him before believing the other members of the Kryptonia project, as a result, most of my comments initially on this subject have all but disappeared since he was sending screen shots of every time the word "Kryptonia" was mentioned. Now I'm not sure what to do; I feel like by leaving Kryptonia, I lost some nice opportunities to get both my open source project, as well as my own personal writings and blog to a wider audience.