Ethereum Without Vitalik?

In this chat with Bitboy, Crypto Blood, and Jason from Cryptosomniacs – we discuss Vitalik Buterin’s supposed efforts to begin detaching himself from Ethereum and how it might affect the project moving forward. We also dive into the broader concept of coins with distinguishable leaders and the implications of having such figureheads.

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Vitalik has distanced himself away from Ethereum enough that I think it wouldn't be that big of a hit. He needs to continue to slowly decouple from Ethereum.

Good work bro

What Vitalik plans to do may affect Ethereum but only short term (my opinion though)

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Great discussion. Charlie Lee will be the first of many. They are the focal points of any crypto. When FIAT is truly under competition, who's government going to go after. By distancing themselves. People like Charlie has the ability to say, "hey, I have nothing invested in this". He is needed for marketing and adoption, but once adoption is in place he can walk (run) away and can say "I have nothing to do with Litecoin anymore". I'd be annoyed if I owned Litecoin, but in the long run I think he has improved long term prospects of the coin.