Verge / XVG: Possible 20% Gains Ahead

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Hi there, before I head back to programming, let me quickly tell you about some interesting opportunity about Verge:

We are in an extreme bearish market for alts at the moment and according to my experience with Fred in bearish markets, it is always a good idea to go either for his 2nd level or even 3rd level lows in order to buy anything and then set a sell point to his level 1 highs.

However, in the particular case of Verge, this could potentially lead us to a 20%+ gain if those lows actually hit.

It could be played out like this:

If the level 2 lows hit at the current rate of 158 sats (see screenshot below), go for the level 1 high that Fred will show at the time of hitting the low. Since gain potentials are usually dragged with the downwards tendency, Fred currently sees a whopping 20% potential gain between level 2 lows and level 1 highs:

Level 2 lows for Verge
Level 2 lows for Verge

If level 2 won't hold, and it falls further, prepare to average by going for level 3, which is currently slightly at sub 100 levels:

Level 3 lows for Verge
Level 3 lows for Verge

However, if any of both cases actually happens, make sure to only go by the level 1 highs. The current market situation will barely let you trade against higher levels.

At the time of writing, the level 1 high is at 199 sats, but this value a subject of change over time but it is very likely that the potential gains will go with it or even spread further.


Verge is showing a 20% gain potential if played out right and buying at level 2 or even better, level 3 could put you in a good position to sell against level 1 highs.

This article has been made with the help of Fred (CoinStudio) and a lot of love.

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