Poloniex Still Doesnt Work - Alternatives

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Hey Friends,

Don't transfer the STEEM or SBD to poloniex, its temporarily disable

Tried transferring STEEM to get in touch with Poloniex Support Tickets but they not answered
Went to get the address on Poloniex it says temporarily disabled trading.
Also disabled:

BCN - Bytecoin
BTM - Bitmark
RIC - Riecoin
SBD - Steem Dollars
SJCX - Storjcoin X
XVC - Vcash

There are couple alternatives to Poloniex

  1. Bittrex

  2. Bitfinex

  3. HitBtc

Please Resteem this post!! Help others also!

Happy Trading and be carefull

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I would add https://blocktrades.us where you can exchange SBD or STEEM for other currencies and send directly to your wallet or to Poloniex for example. I did like this and exchange ratio was quite ok for me.
If you want you can transfer there SBD for STEEM POWER and send back to your steemit account.
Please check it out!

Thank you for helpfull information


Your welcome, be carefull

Did they announced maintenance and re-listing date?


not yet, support are not answered yet

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