How do you see the cryptocurrency market in 2020? What will be the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum?

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Hey friends,
You all think about future, what we can expect from crypto.

Bitcoin’s Role

Bitcoin served as a sort of ‘Proof of Concept’ to show that a decentralized electronic currency using blockchain technology could work. Unfortunately, the news of Bitcoin came out on mainstream media news channels around the same time that the whole Silk Road (Illegal Black Market) news broke. This led a lot of people to associate Bitcoin with a crime which really created a strong push back against the good that blockchain technology was bound to do. I believe that this played a large factor in Bitcoin not being widely accepted for as long as it has been (and probably still will be).

As I said, it was a proof of concept. Regardless of what it was being used for, some great minds took notice.

Ethereum’s Role

Ethereum is all that is good with Bitcoin without the bad stigma and some very cool and useful new applications. Ethereum is a development platform and Ether is the currency. Ethereum needs Ether to fuel the platform and it operates using ‘Smart Contracts’.

So, although many people think of BTC and ETH as stocks- they aren’t although they are similar in many ways as well or at a glance.

BTC vs ETH chart over 30 days to show their correlation with one another. This is based on the mentality of the market, not the technology intersecting in any way.


The value is dictated by a supply and demand structure and it trades very much like stocks do. As BTC and ETH are more widely accepted and used, the value will continue to rise because more people will be purchasing it with fiat currencies. The future is impossible to predict but this is where I believe we are with BTC and ETH:

Bitcoin - Proof of concept, it serves a purpose but it is the less useful alternative when compared to Ethereum. Bitcoin stands on its brand name for all intents and purposes. It isn’t really innovating and most of the people who are getting into crypto right now are investing in Ethereum. I personally believe that Bitcoin is appropriately valued around $2,500, but the growth of the crypto space, in general, will undoubtedly result in the value going up. I think it will ultimately stabilize around $3,000 and then grow over time MUCH more slowly than it has in the past several years. If I was to take an educated guess, I think the price of BTC will be $4,500 in 2020 at the very most.

Ethereum (ETH) - Ethereum is going to change the world, I have trouble seeing a future that doesn’t have Ethereum replacing a lot of outdated systems like wire transfers (both domestic and foreign) and even conventional banking to some extent. ETH will most likely be a favorite of crypto investors because it is heavily undervalued in terms of its value to society and the world as a whole. I think in 2020, Ether will be valued around where BTC is now (around $2,500). There will be a lot of resistance along the way but we will see some major jumps every time a large real world application is launched. My logical side thinks it will be closer to $1,200 in 2020, but I don’t think that investments like cryptocurrency work off of reality, so much as speculation and psychology.

Some other notable cryptos - Golem, Augur, Zcash, Dash, Litecoin and some others may be worthwhile and withstand the test of time, but a LARGE number of the recent and upcoming ICOs will be nothing more than Wikipedia articles by 2020.



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Yes, I agree with your point that not all the ICOs are worth investing...every day we see one or the other ICO getting introduced in the crypto market but not all of these currencies have the potential to match Bitcoin or Ethereum

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Hello @belkins

I'm more optimistic, with some big moves (like the rumor that amazon will accept bitcoin and litecoin), the value can skyrocket pretty fast.

2020 is still far and more and more people fall into crypto. My guess for 2020 is around 10 000 $ for a bitcoin.

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