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in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago

As of Saturday, July 8, the vast majority of the top cryptocurrency 100 Coinmarketcap rankings are in the "red zone". In particular, the fall in price as Bitcoin, and absolutely all the most liquid alt-coins for the last day:

In this case, it is noteworthy that the daily volume of trading cryptocurrency Ethereum have a slightly inferior same indicator of the first digital currency.

At present, the total volume of capitalization cryptocurrency market is $ 93.9 billion dominance index Bitcoin -. 43.8%.

Recall that in recent cryptocurrency Ethereum held the championship on the daily trading volume and for a while, its price was in the region of 400$



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Yeah. Bitcoin takes back lost dominace. I hope it will be 50% soon. After segwith2x it will be his price above 3000

Bought some TenX. Long term investment and it was small money so more of a gamble. It has huge growth potential along with the associated risk.