Where's my LAMBO? Damn I can't even get a Chrysler.

in cryptocurrency •  8 months ago

I was banking on STEEM being my retirement. Ok maybe I have to wait another 5-10 years (like I have been doing with GOLD & SILVER)

At what point do we realize that @bearbear613 can call the market ups and DOWN! I'm no Heijin... bah bah bah, but his net worth probably just went down about 1/4. So KEEP making those KABOOOOOM calls.

What's real? The Bear Cave! That's whats real! So check it out:



Decor will soon be coming. Life is short, and if you don’t stop and look around for a moment it’ll pass you by. I’m grateful I got food on the table, the wife and kids are relatively stable and healthy.

I blog for fun.

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looks soooooo comfy ;oP


I'm just worried cuz there are no vents downstairs. Wondering how cold it's going to get.. the furnace room is down there though.

you got me at the funny guy getting into the pool -lol

you're makin all the guys jealous sirbearbear...
too perfect.
bear may never come out of hibernation


yah my life is perfect / sarc ;)

Wow, that bear cave looks comfy! Socks, fireplace, playstation... all make for a relaxing time. @ironshield


the sad thing is it's kinda lonely.. so I will invite as many Bear friends SOON ;)


If I lived down the street from you, I'd be knocking at the bear cave with a six-pack and a smile. @ironshield

You get my comment... for fun.