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Coinchase is a new financial services project, that is focused on crowd sourced solutions. They offer solutions to lending, investing, savings, loans and even public token sales. Some of these have been seen in prior projects, and some of them are quite unique.

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One of the very interesting solutions they offer applies to public token sales through Coinchase in their "Break and Return" insurance. If the token price falls below the public sale price within 48 hours of the first exchange listing, then any CCH members who purchased through the public sale have a period of time (currently advertised at 3 days) to request a refund. This can create a floor on the token price during those typically volatile first 48 hours, as there is a strong incentive against selling below the public sale price.

While many aspects of their platform have not gone live yet, they do already have a few features that are drawing some attention. Even though the token has not yet been listed on an Exchange, they are offering a unique liquidity solution in the form of "C2C Trading". Platform users are able to post Buy and Sell orders for CCH, which allows public sale holders to sell their tokens, and also those who missed out on the public sale to buy into CCH before the first exchange listing. This listing is currently slated for Q2 2019.

They also have "Predict to Win" and a "Predict to Win PvP" functionality that is currently live. With these, CCH holders can pick a coin pair (BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, XRP/USDT, EOS/USDT) and then make a Call bid if you think it will increase or a Put bid if you think it will decrease. You input an amount of CCH that you are bidding, and also the time period you are logging your prediction for (1 Min, 5 Min, 15 Min, 60 Min). You then receive a payout (1.8x) for an accurate bid, or lose your CCH if you bid inaccurately. You can get started with their Free bid approach, where you log your prediction at no risk, and receive 20 CCH if you are correct. The variance with PvP is that Coinchase is not a party at all, nor do they charge any fees, it is purely a peer to peer prediction arrangement where you divide the pool with all correct parties.
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Another feature that is currently live is their savings with interest. You can deposit ETH into your platform wallet and then transfer to a Savings account. The account currently pays an APR of 16% (half in ETH, half in CCH), with a gradually increasing amount. This feature immediately sets off alarm bells, as anything that pays interest rates at high rates carries inherent risk. I am currently testing this one out, as they do publicly list their team and advisors, the CCH amount they pay in interest they already have on hand, and they have already been generating ETH and CCH through both their token sale and their Prediction platform.

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They will also have a new income stream opening up shortly when they go live with their loan functionality. Their loans also seem like a very useful tool, as they provide a loan with 60% collateral, and charge an APR of 12%. This means that if you need to access your funds, but expect crypto is going to increase in the near to moderate term, you can borrow against your crypto, and repay at a later date without ever needing to sell your crypto near a bottom.

If this sounds like a project you are interested in learning more about, here is a referral link you can follow. If you join through this link, you can receive 80 free CCH:

Give this project a look and then let me know your thoughts on it.


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I’ve received a few questions on Predict to Win... The way they have it designed is pretty impressive. You select an amount of CCH to bid, how many minutes from start that the prediction ends, choose a direction (Call if you predict it will close higher than current, Put if you think it will close lower). They use Binance price to settle.

They also show you candlestick charts, and continuously update the price.

I like the BTC/USDT with a 1 minute prediction. I start with 200 CCH, click on call or put based on how the chart is moving, and then wait on the confirmation screen that comes up. Then I watch the price change until it hits near the top of the short term range or the bottom, and immediately press the button to start the position. You have to be precise because if you click a second too late, the price may shift again.

If I win the prediction, I’m up 160 CCH, and start over again with 200. If I lose, then I do my next at 500 (which pays out 900, which then has me up 200 over the cycle). If I lose again, I increase to 1000 (which pays out 1800 and has me up 100 over the cycle).

On top of the steady earnings of 100-200 CCH, they also have a daily pool of 100,000 CCH they pay out based on how much you played in the past 24 hours. So this approach has been netting gradual gains off of winning predictions and also a slice of the daily payout.

Good luck, and please share whatever works for you.

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