IOTA1K Zero Fee Tangle Messenger

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The IOTA Tangle offers a world of freedom for cryptocurrencies by running a blockchainless blockchain. Not only is the project open source it's very lightweight to interact with and the provided API's make developing with this distributed network remarkably simple. We could go into the complexities of the Tangle and Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) but I wanted to turn the attention to a remarkable application built on top of the Tangle that recently released an early Proof of Concept.


To start off, this is incredibly early technology but I am blown away by the real world applications that this could unlock. In a space that is rife with future promises and non-existent technologies it is always impressive to see a product that works in the cryptosphere (I'm generalizing, there are plenty of solid projects out there, be sure to do your research).

All the credit goes to u/xx10t4 for this post on Reddit. He also links to his GitHub releases below:

Zero Fee Tangle Messenger

As the heading says, Iota1k is a zero cost messaging system that doesn't require any IOTA for sending messages to addresses across the Tangle. The only "cost" is the processing cost to submit a typical IOTA transaction (i.e. validating 2 previous transactions). While this is exciting it should be noted that this is still an early project and does take some time (will be sped up with the curl update). It should also be noted that you should not use a seed that contains any IOTA attached to it to ensure you don't put any of your holdings at risk. Just a couple of WARNINGS:

  • Don't share your seed!
  • Don't use this tool with a seed that contains any IOTA or be at risk of losing it!

How to Use

The video above provides a brief demonstration on how to do the following steps and at a high level the installation process is as follows:

  1. Download and Install for your OS -
  2. Generate an IOTA seed -
  3. Log into IOTA1K with seed generated from (2)
  4. Configure node to communicate with in IOTA1K settings -
  5. Create a username and wait for it to attach to the Tangle and assign a random address.
  6. Share [username]@[random_string] with others to start communicating with others.
  7. Enjoy!

Tip Jar

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  • Litecoin - LZxBp3QAZ2SDheN8FaRVHg4nuWPnWAQSdP
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