altrady — Your Best Alternative to Coinigy

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Don’t we all have the natural desire to choose only the best option in whatever venture we jump into? In the case of crypto trading, there are a couple of software that promise to solve the usual woes associated with buying and selling digital currencies.
altrady -- Your Best Alternative to Coinigy

Yes, Coinigy may be among the most popular crypto trading applications in the market today. But do you know that you can actually look into other alternatives that can better suit your needs?

Let me present to you — an ultimate trading application where you can do almost whatever it is that you want to achieve with Coinigy.

So how can we say that altrady is your best alternative to the Coinigy trading application?

  1. Digital currency trading is also made easier with altrady.

Simplicity and ease of use are among the core defining characteristics of altrady. No matter how old you are in the crypto trading world, you can surely understand the simple yet very functional interface of altrady.

  1. You can also get real-time information and actionable insights from altrady tools.

The altrady algorithms are uniquely programmed to analyze markets in real-time. They are in operation 24/7. Price indicators, market depth and volume charts, exchange statistics, buy and sell orders, and other data are all accordingly synchronized, thus you only get accurate and real-time information.

  1. You can also connect your exchange APIs to altrady and conveniently trade using a single application.

If you can place buy and sell orders on different coins across multiple exchanges using the Coinigy app, well you can also do that with altrady! Currently, altrady has eight connected exchanges — Binance, Bittrex, Huobi, HitBTC, BitMEX, Kraken, Polionex, and KuCoin. The number continually grows as we expand our operations.

  1. Your digital assets are also safe with altrady because of heavily secured systems and the assurance that your funds remain on your exchange wallet.

Whenever you connect your exchange API to altrady, you can be confident that altrady is hands-off on your digital assets. The ability to withdraw your funds remains on your power since your API keys are not stored by altrady and funds cannot be accessed by the company.

  1. Trading bot integrations are also possible with altrady.

If you are subscribed to a trading bot, then you can fully maximize your trade potentials by integrating the bot into your altrady account. Currently, we send crypto trading signals to Zignaly, Cryptohopper, Nefertiti, and 3commas.

  1. You can better manage your digital assets with altrady’s portfolio manager.

We make digital asset monitoring a lot easier with our portfolio manager. Even if you have hundreds of coins spread throughout multiple crypto exchange platforms, you can easily check how much you have grown or lost per exchange because of our very functional portfolio manager that accurately reflects your crypto holdings across exchange wallets.

  1. You can immediately see whether you are on the winning or losing end with altrady’s breakeven calculator.

How can you possibly know whether you are still earning or losing coins if your assets are spread through a very diverse selection of cryptocurrencies with prices that are all fluctuating? Impossible? Not really. Get help from altrady’s breakeven calculator!

  1. You can easily access altrady anytime and anywhere with its browser, desktop, and mobile app versions.

Do you know that most successful traders are neither time-bound nor location-bound? These people are not zombies yet they can harness the power technology for their own advantage. This is the same power that we are giving to our users.

  1. The altrady dashboard is fully customizable. Who gives you that privilege?

Another cool thing about altrady is its acknowledgement of the importance of the trader’s human personality. Indeed, we are not robots. We long for dynamism and creativity. With altrady, you can modify settings and change layouts according to your mood, trading goal, or other personal preferences.

  1. You will never run out of helpful information with altrady.

Knowledge is power. Complete information is a strong weapon. altrady is simply rich with informative tools and widgets such as the base information widget, integrated news widget, and the exchange statistics.

  1. altrady gives you a strategic advantage through our automatic market analysis, real-time base alerts, and immediate fat finger notifications with our crypto scanning tools. Looking for this in other trading apps?

Know that altrady’s founding entity is the Crypto Base Scanner. We’ve helped a number of crypto traders by offering them our crypto scanning tools that effectively track market movements. With altrady, you can set your own parameters for the base strategy and receive alerts when there are profitable opportunities to enter a particular coin market. Are you getting this with Coinigy?

  1. Trial subscription is also offered by altrady while pricing schemes are relatively cheaper.

Yup, altrady offers a free 30-day trial subscription which can give you an access to the many features and tools of the application such as trading, bot integration, portfolio management, mobile app access, base scanner, and quick scanner. You can get all these from altrady with no obligation at all since we won’t even be getting your credit card details!

The pricing schemes of altrady also prove to be very diverse and reasonable. Signals Only Plan amount to only 12.95 euros per month, Trading Plan costs only 19.95 euros per month, and the Advanced Trading Package with full-access is only 29.95 euros per month with huge discounts for longer period of subscriptions.

altrady may be a relatively new application, but its growth has been undeniably commendable and its features extremely promising.

Try it for free now!