PIVX is blowing up. Wow, look at these gains & info! Hit $1.14 today & #12 on CoinMarketCap. Charts and all Info incl.

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PIVX has gained over $20M in Market Cap in 30 days and DOUBLED in value. Today they crossed the $1.00 barrier which is big for any crypto.

3 month chart: (They launched Jan. 30th, so it has not been even 90 days yet!)

1 month chart:

1 day chart:

PIVX has a very active community, the privacy based product appears solid across the board eliminating some problems other coins have, the gains are solid and steady and you can still get into the market for around $1/coin today.

I've been watching this product since launch not quite 90 days ago.

Info: https://pivx.org/

Solid sources on Twitter:


Keep up the good work Steemians!

Thanks for the support everyone. I appreciate it. Honestly.

I hope you have a nice week.

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check EXCL then, older than PIVX, same tech, smaller marketcap and pumping like crazy already ;)

Excellent work dear friend @barrydutton, thank you very much for the information


You're welcome my friend, have a good night.

Big fan of the Quark algorithm - I still have some Quark coin - the original coin! I hope PIVX doesn't pass my fav ZCash - it's on its ass!


Can you imagine? LOL

Jays Home Opener tonite so I will be off Steemit trying to enjoy some baseball tonite my friend. See you tomorrow

Other cool purple stuff:

RIP Prince! He had a home about an hour away from me here actually.

Great coin/project/community but as soon as it gets added to Poloniex expect it to crash below $1 for a long long time. - This is just my prediction of course anything could happen. However I put my money on things playing out this way.


I will always listen to you

and others that have been around this stuff longer than me.


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BarryDutton Barry Dutton tweeted @ 11 Apr 2017 - 21:36 UTC

$PIVX is blowing up. Crossed the $1 mark today, huge gains. All info here: #PIVX #Cryptocurrency #Blockchain


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