Staking POS Cryptocoins all at one place

in cryptocurrency •  last year

Staking for people who cant stake at their pc or other device

This is a P2P Lending platform. PEER-TO-PEER BITCOIN BANKING!

LOANS - peer to peer lending, get or offer loans

IPO - get funding from banks or private equity groups t.

EXCHANGE - Multi ALT Currency Exchange

STAKING - Put your coin in a larger pool to capture a smaller piece of a much bigger pie.

I use it simply to take pos coins and have great income

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Hello.I present you my method of earning free crypto:)

Ok so here is my method.I use it and i got good results and i would like to share it with you.

Here are the steps.

1)Make a Coinpot wallet here:

Wy a coinpot wallet? Because it lets you withdraw instantly from the faucets i will be presenting you.On other faucets you need to gain a quantity of cryptocurrency to withdraw.Here you withdraw each 5 minutes DIRECTLY to your wallet.

2)After you have made your wallet with your mail adress you sign up with that mail adress to the websites below.It will sync it with your coinpot wallet so you can withdraw instantly.

There are 6 faucets.Each you can claim at 5 minutes.If you do this everyday you would be surprised how many coins you would get

If i helped you leave and upvote and follow my channel.I follow back:)


i have got all those but thank you :)