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What is Parkade coin?

Parkade coin is based on blockchain technology and it is going to Revolutionise the parking infrastructure. It is an opportunity to participate in the token backed ecosystem. It will include mobile application to manage parking infrastructure.

Operation of parkade


Todays world you go any where in the world you will find a huge problem of parking a vehicle and have congected space with more expensive. So to solve this problem the Parkade have the best parking infrastructure which includes Parkade coin and Parkade mobile application which will work in the entire world.


Firstly Parkade will invest its 100% profit into the parking infrastructure to develop the parking infrastructure. Parkade is holding OÜ it will do purchase of parking hardwares and parking space around the cities in the world.
Using the Parkade mobile application users are able to give their places on the rent.


Benefits of Parkade coin


Here all payments are done with Parkade coin, so that this platform is reliable.

Parkade is using blockchain technology to Revolutionise the parking infrastructure.

Here all the operations such as payments etc. are fully transparent.

The advantage of this platform is 50 % of the profit will be reinvested every year for the development of Parkade infrastructure.

Parkade mobile application

Parkade is generated mobile application for easily manage the parking infrastructure in the entire world. Using this application users can be able to take help of this everywhere and anytime with rent or rent out the particular parking space

Renting out our space for parking we can easily earn money or tokens which are deployed by Parkade ecosystem and also reduce the unavailable of parking space.

This platform is very easy to operate with a simple touch.

Parkade Token Details

Token Name : PRKC

Token Type : ERC 20

Token price : 1PRKC = 0.5 USD

Soft cap : 3,000,000 USD

Hard cap : 120,000,000 USD

Total tokens : 400 Million

Token allocation


Sale bonus




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