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The Count Down is on till the Signatum Discord Q&A.

I am going to do a live Q&A on Official Discord voice chat. If you are looking in to new crypto currency this will be a great time to look into SIGNATUM and have your questions answered.


Wallet allows for multiple addresses to easily be added
Transactions run through TOR network
Side chain transaction mixing to be added in next update


Near instant transaction speed
Don't just take my word for it try a wallet to wallet transfer your self!


For great up to date news on Signatum please check out our news site.
Signatum News


This project is community driven everyone gets there say. With just 3 months since launch we are looking for more people interested in getting involeved with our great project.


Ticker: SIGT
New Proof of Work Algorithm, SkunkHash Raptor
No Premine
Fair Launch
Estimated Block Time: 2 Minutes
Total PoW Coins: 137,500,000
PoW/PoS after block 98500
Last PoW Block: 100,000
Pure PoS after block 100,000
PoS 5% Annual Interest
Coin Maturity, 60 Confirmations
Stake Maturity, 50 Confirmations
TX, 6 Confirmations


Official Website 1
Official Website 2 (Backup)
Signatum Marketplace - BETA
Signatum Web Wallet
Signatum News
Signatum Bootstrap
Windows QT Wallet
OSX QT Wallet
Linux QT Wallet
Daemon for Raspberry Pi 2/3
Hashing Module
Official Telegram Group
Official Discord
Paper Wallet Generator
FAQ - Contributed by Community Member ti460
Chinese Whitepaper

Roadmap Version 1

  • 1. Project dedicated explorer ( to be released as OpenSource under GPL ) - completed 24th July 2017
  • 2. Whitepaper - task assigned to community members - completed 2nd August 2017
  • 3. Update Website - completed 2nd August 2017
  • 4. Signatum Marketplace where people can trade goods and services using SIGT currency - completed beta
  • 5. Better Anonymity network with more Tor nodes - completed 24th August 2017
  • 6. Signatum Web Wallet in NodeJS - completed 03 September 2017 for web wallet
  • 7. SignatumPay
  • 8. More Exchanges
  • 9. Signatum Swarm
  • 10. Masternodes or Delegated Proof-of-Stake Implementation
  • 11. Signatum Crowdfunding platform
  • 12. Plan & Build a Signatum Foundation - suggested by community member Mr. Rick
  • 13. Signatum Exchange - suggested by user EVP & Dan Jensen
  • If you have any questions don't hesitate to comment below I'd be happy to answer them.

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    Sadly SIGT is fizzling and down to 2 cents. We assumed it would have launched to the moon once it hit the 100.000 block mark. However instead of going up it is decreasing as people are dumping it.

    The coin is still in early development the price will fluctuate. Comunity members are stepping up to help with the coin.