Sounds as a really good project, thanks for the info

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Amazon gift cards will be great.

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Thanks for your reply @ericet!


od8Qx5jnTuAx3X45RrQgVgwzPdXczC7bMD this is my OPCX address. Thank you.

Amazon and eBay, because of the amazing selection...

Thanks, @bafi!!!

Thanks for the idea @wolffeys

I would want to be able to get an Amazon gift card. Able to then buy a lot with that. But also in general buying, any items with Crypto that you can stake seems like a great idea. People can save up and then spend on items

Thanks for your suggestion, Amazon cards will surely be featured in the store @stever82

I would like to purchase under armour or amazon gift cards.

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An Under Armour one would be pretty cool! thanks for commenting

There isn’t a giftcard shaped steem but it would be nice for steemit platform to expand. You can already exchange steem close to everything

Thanks for the reply @bidesign, great idea!

@bafi, In my opinion PAYPAL Giftcards can be valuable because it's easy to Transact. And in my opinion we know that complete Decentralisation may be is not possible but effective Collaboration between Centralisation and Decentralisation can happen.

Have a pleasant time ahead.

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Thanks for your reply @chireerocks, surely PayPal Gift-cards will be amazing to get through crypto-assets.

Welcome and true. Let's hope that Giftcards World will Collaborate soon with Crypto.

You have been raffled for the 10 STEEM. They are on their way, congrats @chireerocks

Oh, thank you so much and stay blessed brother.

Thanks for your idea @eii

A good idea would be the Google play gift card, because every day people buy things on play store like films, books, music and also apps and games.

That would be a great addition! Thanks for commenting @sciack

If Steem was integrated I would be partial to purchasing Amazon gift cards, ebay as well if ebay has gift cards.

Thanks for the input @thecryptodrive!

Good luck in developing you guys! We'll be watching you. Great idea. I like mobile wallets best.

I prefer Ebay and Paypal.

Thanks for your idea @honeysara

Bookstore card, i think it's a great choice!!
Great job guys!!!!

Thanks for your comment @phage93

Wow. Friend @bafi, I would love to win a gift card from Amazon, to buy a better phone, which I have does not help me much just has 512 MB and when the government cuts the power I can not publish in Steemit unlike other friends who do it because they can install applications. It would be great to be able to win, but I wish that the luckiest one wins.

Thanks for your comment @lanzjoseg

Steem Delegation as gift card would be good idea.

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That's surely a great idea!


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Very good project! Impressive work! Good to know !

Good project. Thanks for sharing @cleverbot

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Good project a good opportunity. Thanks for this post.

I'm in and I hope to win!

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It would be good if the platform of Steemit were to expand, so that the options are broader to be even more attractive the platform.

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Thanks for sharing. Good project.

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Link please sir,

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Very well written, best of luck.

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