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Welcome to my Post.! Below you will find exhaustive information on how to earn bitcoin right now without spending or investing anything. If you are here - at the end of half an hour the first Bitcoin will already be falling on your account, and your monthly income will increase by 250 $ -500 $ on average. If you also want to understand the principles of Bitcoin, how to make money on it - carefully read the following.

What is Bitcoin ?
Let's start in order. If you are only a beginner who decided to make bitcoins, first find out what Bitcoin is (see the top right on the top). This will help both to get a general idea of the subject and to clarify important points, and to avoid silly myths about Bitcoin in the future. This information is vital to unsophisticated users, so first read for yourself more about Bitcoin, how to earn it - it's already the second thing.!
Bitcoin Wallet
Secondly, you will need Bitcoin wallet (for details, also on the top right). It will be the starting point in the world of Bitcoin earnings. It does not matter which of them you choose - for those who want to earn bitcoin, this step is mandatory. Below you will read about some of the types of online wallets that accrue bonuses to the owner and also allow you to earn Bitcoin-trust these resources with caution, and use only the address of your main purse for payments.
Free Bitcoins
Now let's move on to how to earn Bitcoin. To do this, there is a list of resources. Each of them allows you to earn bitcoins (more precisely, fractional parts of Bitcoin) many times a day, and we will look at them carefully and separately. Priority for us will be the sites that distribute free bitcoins, which you can earn by going to them and guiding the captcha. Earnings on these bitcoin-resources are average, but distributions of Bitcoin occur frequently and they are numerous - in short, what you need FreeBtc Link
Earning of Bitcoins
The next kind will be the immediate earnings of the bitcoins - this means performing some simple actions or tasks by people looking for how to earn bitcoins. Tasks in most children's - to look at advertising, fill a half-minute survey or (again) trite to go to the site. In combination with the income described in the previous paragraph - a great way to earn the bitcoins, without getting up from your favorite chair. FreeBtc Link
Bitcoin Cranes
The next great way to earn Bitcoin without attachments is bitcoin cranes. They resemble the bitcoin distributions described earlier, but differ in a certain variety: in order to earn bitcoin, you need to perform some minimum action-like scrolling the drum wheel on the monitor. Actions are entertaining and do not tire out, except for captcha input. Constant accruals and conclusions of money allow you to learn more about bitcoin, how to make money on it and about general trends in the development of crypto currency.
Bitcoin Games
Is it enough for you? There is a bunch of Bitcoin, which you can earn without leaving the computer. They can be obtained by playing bitcoin games - great entertainment for bitcoin-hunters. Some of them are seriously tightening, so looking for how to make Bitcoin, there will be a good profit there besides the already mentioned and good entertainment for every day. 8bet yabtc FreeDogeCoin FreeBTC
Cloud Mining
Another gold vein of Bitcoin's crypto currency, which can be earned quite well is cloud clearing. Simply - it is extraction of bitcoins on leased special equipment. This occupation can not be called fascinating, but for fans of bitcoin, how to make money is nothing. This type of earnings is not new, but it allows you to make a profit without thinking about what you are doing, and at that time doing something else. Cloud Mining

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