It's time to say goodbye "China"

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Japan becomes the biggest Bitcoin market as traders leave China

Japan has again become the largest stock market in Bitcoin with a market share of 50.75% of Bitcoin's global foreign exchange market. Analysts, including BitFury vice president George Kikvadze, attributed the rise in the trade volume of the Japanese Bitcoin Exchange market at the exit of Bitcoin traders in China.
Earlier this week, the Chinese government, local authorities and financial regulators formally requested Bitcoin exchanges and Chinese trading platforms to stop their services by the end of September. OKCoin and Huobi, the two largest exchanges in China, have been given flexibility to operate until 30 October, given that they were not involved in initial offerings of coins (OICs) in the past



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Don't worry... The end of the month, beginning of next month.. China will be back in with their own "sanctioned" exchange their people can use. This was all just a ploy so they could get some control back. My bet is they will either govern Huboi or make their own.

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