MiracleTele is Changing the world of Telecommunication for Good through the blockchain technology

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MiracleTele is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator which is active in more than 160 countries to provide lower international and local call rates.

World Telecommunication Barrier

One of the basic challenges of telecommunication nowadays is making international calls. Sometimes, the charges are so high it is becoming overwhelming for users. If not for internet chat apps that connect users in different countries, the story would have been a lot worse. But one cannot out-rule the fact that we still need our local mobile network providers to help out with international calls at lower rates. One of the major challenges is that many of these network providers have few jurisdictions. Most are existent in a few countries, so calls to the countries where they are existent are quite low compared to others.


MiracleTele is actively bringing down that barrier. This is because it is connecting telecommunications in various countries of the world. MiracleTele is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator which is active in more than 160 countries to provide lower international and local call rates.

How does MiracleTele Achieve this?

MiracleTele buys call credits from multiple local network providers from different companies so they can resell or make available to their customers worldwide. The fact that they do not have a local network mast or engine like other network providers makes it easier to operate from different countries. Essentially, they use these local network services to connect their many users worldwide. The same goes for internet data subscription.

Benefits to MiracleTele users

  • Users can order Sim pack for as low as 10€ to be shipped to your country.
  • Users can buy or install ANY country's mobile number on their sim. It means you can use multiple numbers on your sim card.
  • They enjoy lower rates for local and International calls and data.
  • MiracleTele gives users the opportunity to invest in the company and share 40% of company's revenue every month. This is by staking TELE tokens on the platform.
  • Users are given total control over their accounts by making the private key of each user's account available to them.
  • All website visitors (even nonusers) are welcome to send free SMS to selected countries.

Blockchain Based Tele Tokens

MiracleTele has tokens which are issued on the Ethereum network. Tele tokens can be used to buy credits, data, order sim card and pay for other services on the platform. Blockchain will ensure transparency and security for all users. Customers can be sure that their funds are secured and always in their possessions.

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