Interstellar: Bringing the Stellar Protocol to the Future

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The Stellar Protocol

The Stellar Lumen protocol is one of the most anticipated for in 2019. With one of the greatest news- as they made the listing agreement with Coinbase earlier this year, brought them more to the limelight. The listing agreement made XLM to be paired directly with fiat currency. It is no wonder that Stellar Lumen is one of the top search terms on Google pertaining to cryptocurrency recently. It is making remittance of funds faster and more secure without restriction. The Stellar protocol has made transaction fee nothing as each transaction is pegged at 0.00001XLM (1XLM is 0.10 at the time of writing).

The Stellar protocol has seen many growths over the past few years especially as many projects have been built on the protocol. The question comes at each point ‘Which wallet can I safe my XLM? Or ‘Which Stellar Based Exchange is the best for me to Trade?’ Undoubtedly, Interstellar.Exchange is the best option, but you may be wondering why this must be so, care to read on.


Interstellar.Exchange is a stellar based application that is built with a lot of features that has users at heart. Interstellar is built by FinTech Ltd. from Cameroun. You can say Interstellar is an exchange as well as a wallet for it application is multipurpose.

The Exchange

Interstellar.Exchange is one of the first decentralized exchange on the Stellar protocol to accept exchange to coins from other blockchains like ETH, BTC, LTC, etc. The exchange recently signed an agreement with The White Company to facilitate exchanges to fiat currencies. This is achieved by creating some stable coins like WSD, WSP, and WSE which are pegged to USD, GBP, and EUR respectively in addition to the NGNT (pegged to Nigerian Naira) by Cowry. These stable coins can be redeemed or bought with fiat currencies after following the KYC process on the Interstellar application. These features are first seen with interstellar.

The Application

The Interstellar Application has the desktop, Android, and the recently announced iOS version with lots of cool features to help users navigate the stellar protocol and the blockchain efficiently and easily. Some of the features are multiple wallets, multisig wallet,, etc. The application ensures that the user is kept secure as passwords are not sent to any server but are saved on the local drive with encryption.

Multiple Wallets

Interstellar remains one of the few stellar wallets that allows users to have multiple wallets on one app. Wallets can be imported through the private keys or created on the application.

Multisig Wallet

Imagine a company which has more signatory to the same account. It makes the account secure as funds cannot be moved out without the consent of majority of the signatories. This also possible on the stellar protocol. Through Interstellar, users can create more secure wallets with multiple private keys. Users can create a wallet with multiple signers easily. Creating multisig wallets has never been easier on the stellar protocol.

Interstellar remains the first exchange or application on the stellar protocol to facilitate the quick exchange of assets on stellar decentralized exchanges to other assets which may or may not have any direct market between them. achieves this by finding the best path quickly for users who do not like to go through the rigor of moving from one Stellar DEX to the other. Users can use as it is available on the Interstellar application, or by visiting from web browsers.

User Interphase and Design

There are other cool features like accepting trust lines which is quick and easy on the application. The application comes with the light and dark theme for users to choose from. Generally, the application is simple to use and easy to play around with, there is no technical knowledge needed to use it.

Personal opinion

It gave me great joy to finally come to the realization that Interstellar which is created by FinTech Ltd is from Cameroun in Africa. This means that Africa is breaking the notion that it is backward in technology. I have used the application and can boldly say it is the best Stellar based wallet or application ever (I have used some others and saw the difference). You can also try the application out.

Find more about Interstellar through:

Interstellar Website | Medium

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