Attempting to entice more vendors to use crypto-currency by passing on fees.

in cryptocurrency •  last year

This article talks about a concept to pass on the fees of blockchain/cryptocurrency on to the consumer in an effort to entice more vendors to use the system. BlockPay would allow the consumer to use various crypto-currencies to pay these fees. This system is "agnostic" to which crypto-currency the consumer wishes to use to pay the fees. Novel idea to bond not only the consumer to using crypto-currencies, but also to entice the vendors to come in due to lack of fee attached to the purchase.

Here's an exert:

Code suggests that an agnostic approach to the support of digital currencies in this era of the technology is not only the most suitable, but it also maximizes convenience for the user and, to a lesser extent, the merchant. In order to build an agnostic payment platform, BlockPay has ‘bridges’ built-in that shifts one coin or asset into another which reportedly takes three seconds or less.

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