crypto can save the poor only if someone is willing to give up big amount as donation.. other than that anybody can earn money from Steemit right.. but to make money from Steemit one needs to have a device that connects to internet and that person should also have the skills of reading and writing..

In order to truly save the poor.. the best course is educate them.. one with proper education can earn money from every field..

Yes I did.. and by poor I didn't refer to the poor from America where a person with average annual income of $100,000 is considered as poor or middle class.. by poor I was talking about the poor people from Africa or South Asia.. or South America.. despite having so much diamond, oil, gas etc etc resources burried under our soil we are forced to live a life where forget education, we had to go through so much just to get food or clothing.. You get to see photos like this on social media


whereas we get to see things like this live every now and then..

You might have heard about Myanmar Rohinga Crisis.. well guess what.. the Rohinga Refuge camp is pretty near to my home.. I get to see lots of Western Nations are giving millions for the aid of those Refuge on television news but I wonder where that money goes to.. So much money are allocated in the name of aiding the poor.. but that money actually never reaches the poor.. And one more thing.. so far whatever I have earned from Steemit, I kept some as SP, I invested few buying other crypto such as Verge, DigiByte, Reddcoin.. and the rest I gave it all away to people facing financial crisis.. in fact I have not spend a single cent on myself.. I want to live in a world where nobody goes to sleep at night with a hungry stomach.. so yeah stop insulting me whenever I say something that might sound bitter..

Wow. You just basically stated that the poor are uneducated. Really? That's a pretty ignorant statement, and I imagine you have some educating to do, and growing up.

Actually @skreza has a relevant point, looking at this from an African perspective.

Language barrier English not spoken in the home, no easy access to internet, no electricity or running water in some places. Education is the only tool going forward.

Many rely on an internet-cafe to get a link and use a computer on loan at a high price so those who are battling need to work from phones normally (again at a high price for data in most places).

Sorry no quick fix, education is self-driven, finding the tools is part of the learning, search for the topic you wish to know more about and you will find someone has written about it.

Educational topics there are many I have seen here in Steemit, very well compiled and excellent to learn from.

My only point is that not all poor are uneducated in America! That is completely false.

No I can agree.

Alas no matter where in the world you live, learning on ones own takes effort. Some just don't put any effort into a better future for themselves.

You took the words out of my mouth.the poor are uneducated,unless their is a patriotic person standing in for them with the necessary tool to earn vote on steemit, or other online crypto money making venture, then nothing can be done

You folks are being ignorant. The poor are not necessarily uneducated and where you are coming up with numbers to support your theories I'd love to see!

These are very important information. Thanks

Cryptos are good opportunity for poor people to improve their lives.

Hope it change their life.

Very true how you can lose all the time under the old system banking, running around taking from Peter to pay Paul is not living.

Not quite sure how to share from that site @authorcolinbmw excellent article, an eye opener for those not living in the USA.

You can copy the address of the article and paste on any social site you want.

Good read. Some very valid points. It is true that In USA almost everyone has access to a smart phone / even the poor. There are free ones for the poor under many different programs. // On the other hand , World wide it is a different story all together , language barrier and access can be difficult .. I’m thinking in time there is a good chance technology will improve world wide. I expect we will figure out a way to get access for ALL through some sort of cloud connection .. Great read and us talking about this surely is a good start. !! Thanks jkenny

There is much truth in this, cryptocurrency can solve a lot of issues. It is the way of the future. It depends to be seen though if the US Government is willing to embrace blockchain technology. Until now they have not been very enthusiastic about it.

the problem is that it is hard for the poor to have access to technology and the time to commit to it.

nice article though

Not in America. I don't see proof anywhere of that being an issue anymore actually!

Well put. Our financial sector is there to benefit from people, not to protect their client wealth. I live in a country with 0% taxation but also with 0% guaranteed accounts. So we typically transfer our savings off shore. All brokers sell mutual funds to increase the wealth as time goes by, but the only guaranteed and predicted detail is the yearly charge, which is 1% + 1% + 1% in all layers. That added to a possible loss of the finds is guaranteed to eat up the capital pretty soon. And when saying I only want an account with debit card I end up being a scum because I don't benefit the system.
Cryptos are more than welcome as we finally need to get to manage it all ourselves.

It's funny. I have so many voters and supposed readers of the article above, and I appreciate you all raising the value of the article, but according to Blasting News, only 11 people have actually read the article to the end! I'd really appreciate everyone reading the article or the entire article.. Please! Don't just read the headline and assume what I wrote!

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